“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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The deadly shadow of Measles and Michael Mina

Hilary Butler - Thursday, February 04, 2016

Over the last few months since July, 2015, I’ve had a few emails from parents who have had to face down their GP’s who have been saying this to them:

1) When they refuse to have MMR, they are putting their child at grave danger because

a) measles disease eliminates all prior immunity to any diseases the child had before the illness, or to any vaccines they before measles.,

(Above quote from here . ) AND CONSEQUENTLY

a) undermines herd immunity and creates the potential for new epidemics when children with wiped immunity get those diseases again.

(Above quote from here.)  The doctors told the parents who contacted me, that their scientific facts came from peer reviewed medical literature, “which wouldn’t be approved if it wasn’t correct”.

Here is the Mina article and supplementary material to this article. Reading the article and supplementary material was challenging, because the arguments are so complicated and convoluted, that even Einstein could have suffered a migraine and possibly a seizure.

To get my brain around the concepts and work out the biological plausibility (or in this case the non-plausibility of the arguments), I had to read all Mina’s references, AND all the related work that Mina did NOT reference.

Or perhaps he read them and realised that that tsunami totally undermines his immunologically illogical hypotheses.

An encyclopaedia of 200 blogs could be written, taking each argument in Mina's article, point by point, explaining to everyone in minute detail, why the foundation of this article is faulty: It is sitting upon immunological junk science and massaged maths.

But the explanation would become even more boring, complicated, and convoluted than the article itself, and create brain-fag in both the writer and the reader.

The best reason for me not to do that, is because it should not require either maths or immunology to see that Mina’s article is nonsense.

It just requires knowing key facts, recognising the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle, using rational thought and common sense, and putting the puzzle together. Which is somewhat “rare-sense” these days.

You have heard, ad infinitum, that vaccines given to infants and children have been responsible for eliminating lots of diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (though they must gag on that one at times), polio etc. You know the graphic that says that X vaccines have saved X thousands of deaths every year since the vaccines were introduced.


Before measles vaccines were used, most babies would have been given their primary schedule, which only included whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus, and perhaps BCG - before the age of 12 months. WHICH MEANS that according to Mina, any child who had measles AFTER those vaccines, would have had all immunity to all vaccines (and any infections they might have had) ablated – ruined… extinquished. Use the word of your choice.

Most children who had measles naturally, before a measles vaccine came along, would have got measles somewhere between the ages of 3 and 11.

Before the 1990’s, regular boosters for DPT were not given.

So Mina’s logic would dictate that when measles was routine… every child from the 1940’s onwards who had natural measles, should THEN have had their immune systems put “back to newborn status” and as a result caught for a second time, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and whatever other infections they experienced BEFORE they had measles, right?

So there should have been lots of what we call “vaccine failure” infections, right?

And as Grenfell alleges, with herd immunity now shattered, medical history should show huge double spiked disease epidemics among both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Which should have been blindingly obvious to any doctor. Right?

We should have seen headlines like, “Children get killer diseases again, after having measles.” Right?

In New Zealand, measles was a regular series of mountains on the graphic landscape until nearly the year 2,000. So technically none of the vaccines given to any children who had measles were valid any more.

Doctors would have noticed in a flash, all these vaccinated children coming down with the diseases against which they had been vaccinated, or having other diseases a second time around.

The medical journals would have been full of stories about unnecessary second infections, all because of measles, right?

And the medical journals would have been full of countrywide epidemics in previously immune children, right?


I couldn’t find any.

Oh, perhaps doctors were too stupid to see? Doubt it. Doctors would have been all over that like a measles rash.

There are no secondary epidemics of other diseases which children had had after measles epidemics.

There are no secondary epidemics of other diseases which children been vaccinated against, after measles epidemics.

Go and look in Pubmed etc, for yourself. The data in New Zealand is clear, and shows that Mina’s article is a figment of his imagination – scientific nonsense, and has only one purpose , which is to scare the crap out of parents.

Like this:

(Above quote from here . ) Even in the medical article itself, the target is clearly seen at the beginning where Mina says that, “vaccine hesitancy threatens the gains that have been made” and again at the end where he says, “reinforce the importance of measles vaccines at a global level.”

The strident lay media messages which started with the Disneyland measles, then continued with the publicity about Mina’s article on measles, lead to cake icing by Forbes with this little pearl:

(above headline from here . )    The battle actually isn’t based on science at all. It’s a blatant massaging of messages to manipulate minds, All the suppositions that are talked about in these six lay press articles ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVESIX are emotional blackmail, because Mina's article doesn't prove his hypothesis at all.  In fact, common sense and study of death and disease data from around the world, clearly disprove Mina's hypothesis. Continue Reading

The ultimate con drug, Paracetamol.

Hilary Butler - Monday, April 27, 2015

Anyone who has followed this blog forever, knows I hate paracetamol with a passion. Just put the words "paracetamol" or "acetaminophen" into the search engine and read the on-going series of ignored facts which mainstream media rarely discusses. Finally the medical profession appears to be getting the message.  FIFTY years after the manufacturers of acetaminophen have made gazillions of billions of dollars from a drug that NEVER was safe, is a leading cause of acute liver failure and keeps the medical system in tons of collateral very profitable business.... and they knew it.   Read this, and know that you have been systematically and deliberately lied to for decades. Continue Reading

Forced Penetration - no comparison?

Hilary Butler - Friday, April 24, 2015

Yesterday's blog  provoked a storm of protesting emails, akin to "How dare you compare the rape of a woman to vaccination!" According to the New Zealand Herald,  .... "Fiona McCormack, the CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria said the comparison was "so irresponsible and inappropriate"." Actually, I dare to disagree.  Continue Reading

Hypocrisy, just one step away.

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No bullying allowed in schools.

Rape is considered a crime.

Road rage is unacceptable, as is murder and other criminal activity, ....

But according to provaccine zealots world wide, forced penetration is just fine.

 Continue Reading

"Going Viral" Part 2.

Hilary Butler - Thursday, April 16, 2015

As a follow up to Sunday’s Gardasil documentary called “Going Viral” and my yesterday’s blog  (which I posted on Sunday’s facebook page), this morning I received email notification of this reply.  

All mistakes are his, not mine:

Callum MacRae
April 15 at 11:03am

As one of the Wellington High students in the piece, I'd like to tell you that I intended to receive the vaccine prior to even being approached for the story (and I'll have you know we were all well researched. We had just spent over half the school term researching the biological and ethical issues surrounding vaccines, and were provided with sources that were both pro and anti vaccinationing for several different controversial vaccines. We were then encouraged to come to our own conclusions from the material provided)* 
 Continue Reading

Key rules out 'no jab, no pay' policy

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yesterday,  the Herald interviewed me about the Australian law which now financially penalises parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, for today's article called "Key rules out 'no jab, no pay' policy" and these were my notes of the questions asked, and my answers.  This is not a transcript, so the wording here may now be more condensed than a telephone conversation. Which is actually why I prefer to answer journalists via email, because then I have an exact record.

1) What did I think of Tony Abbot's decision to financially penalise parents who didn't vaccinate their children?

Answer. He's a hypocrite. He didn't vaccinate his three daughters against Gardasil, and publicly said so, so why penalise other parents for choosing the way he did? Continue Reading

"Going Viral" - Gardasil fact or fiction?

Hilary Butler - Monday, April 13, 2015

This Sunday's SUNDAY programme called Going Viral, used national TV and Dr Miller to imply to children, "You can either get a vaccine, or you can get cancer."  Then the children sat there with Ian Sinclair saying, “The government should let us have this vaccine free.” The kids were so grateful for Dr Miller’s story.

But there is a huge problem with this unethical story.

Dr Andrew Miller said: “The initial biopsy showed there was a factor, a protein that was sitting inside the skin that actually is a marker for wart virus. So what's happened is I've got some sort of wart virus in my nose that's triggered off a cancer," he says.

He said I’ve got ****SOME SORT**** of wart virus in my nose.

This lack of clarity is a problem for several reasons:

What say the squamous cell carcinoma in Dr Miller’s nose… is NOT one covered by the vaccine?

Did you hear him say, “I’ve got HPV 6, 11, 16, or 18, and this squamous cell carcinoma could have been prevented by Gardasil.”?

 Continue Reading

Chickenpox - Ignorance is not bliss.

Hilary Butler - Monday, October 20, 2014

Yesterday, TV3  treated New Zealand parents to a massive dose of ignorance with a story about a boy called Boston, who had a nasty superinfection in chickenpox spots on his back.

His mother is urging New Zealand parents to pay $50.00 so that their children won’t suffer like her son did.

This story is a top class example of the elephant in the room ignored by ignorant TV journalists today.

Boston’s complication has been known, for over two decades, to be a complication of immune fragility - one cause of which is using PAMOL to reduce chickenpox fevers. 

Read this: (That blog addresses pamol generically, not specifically relating to chickenpox, but maybe a blog on pamol and chickenpox will be my next job.) 

Given that this boy got the chickenpox from his 3 year old sister, who plainly did okay, why did the journalist not ask the doctors WHY the boy had trouble and his sister did not?

The mother’s comment might have provided one blindingly obvious answer: “We couldn’t control his temperature” Apparently this child just kept falling asleep all the time.  Continue Reading

Why the hurry, Ministry of Health?

Hilary Butler - Saturday, October 04, 2014

Anyone who has read my whooping cough resource section, will know that since the introduction of all whooping cough vaccines in this country, there has been ZERO impact on incidence and a slight increase recently in death rates.

Seemingly in a desire to catch up to the rest of us, the Ministry of Health this week, showed how much they value thoroughness, by putting out an advert (pdf uploaded here for posterity) with a three week deadline.

The topic?

Why are they not also looking for the presence of the new mutant pertussis bacteria, which has been caused by using the acellullar vaccine?   Continue Reading


Hilary Butler - Monday, May 05, 2014

Yes, It’s me again. Peter Butler. IT has gone, not me! For this to make sense you’ll need to read on!

I have no idea how many people read these “words of wisdom”, but I do know there is at least one person who does, because I have been asked why the writings in Out of the Mould, seem to have tailed off a bit. 

I shall endeavour to rectify this deficiency!!  This post will also be in Out of the Mould here, but this is just a head's up that I'm up and running again. Continue Reading