“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Immunization is a serious issue, needing serious consideration.  If we thought informed understanding and strong convictions was possible with advertorial sound-bite pamphlets, we would have saved ourselves a lot of money.  

The perception that because the Ministry of Health fits the whole of their side of the “story” into a pamphlet, so everything else can fit on a pamphlet as well, is seriously flawed.   

The MoH pamphlets don’t tell you much at all, but the average parent doesn’t know that, because they assume that the MoH will tell them everything they need to know. The MoH knows that people want to be told what to do, in just a few paragraphs, so information is tailored so that when the parent gets to the end, they have been scared or conned into saying, “Yes!”.   

For us to explain how and why the MoH pamphlets don’t inform a parent, it’s necessary to explain what the MoH didn’t say on each topic, and how that impacts on the whole decision making process.  

Parents who conscientiously choose not to vaccinate usually read very widely, and make a huge effort to get it right when it comes to other aspects of parenting like long term breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, education, how to nurse children through disease using old fashioned or alternative disease treatments, knowing when to go for medical help, etc. 

Unless you are lucky enough to know all that before you have children, to become properly informed about all those topics requires extensive reading, way beyond anything we’ve written, and requires years of consistently finding out what you need to know.  

Non-vaccinating parents go to these lengths because the system portrays parents who choose not to vaccinate in the media, as irresponsible parent who neither love their children, care about their children’s welfare, nor that of other people. 

This kind of adequate understanding and knowing cannot be instilled from quick-fire summaries.  

We believe that if parents aren’t prepared to do the reading and study required to back up their convictions and know how they are going to meet the various challenges that will be thrown their way, then allowing the system to parent their children would be an appropriate response.

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