“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Donations, why, what, how?



Why have you done the donation system?

Living beyond conformity requires a different way of thinking. 

We don’t believe in setting a price on something so as to make it a “bought commodity”. 

Why are people asking for the book in the first place?  Is it because it’s “free”, so the idea is just to “take”? 

The view point we hold isn’t a popular viewpoint.  We presume people interested in living beyond conformity have good lateral thinking skills.  We presume that people asking for our information, have a high priority on their list of “need to know”, the information which can help them make valuable informed choices for the long term health and welfare of their children.  

If the work that has gone into these 500 page books means something, and the recipients of the book value the work of the Trust and wish it to continue, then we hope that will ask themselves some questions about what their priorities to the Trust are, in return.

What is a reasonable donation?

This is a question we are asked all the time. In frustration, we will provided an answer of sorts.

It's not a question that, as a trust, we feel we should answer.

Paying for postage is not a donation to the Trust.  Postage rates are detailed elsewhere. 


You then have to work out what value you place on one, two, three, four, or however many books you order.

You can look in a shop at mass produced books, but remember they are done by corporate companies, printing thousands of copies, which puts the unit price down to around $3.00 - $8.00, yet you pay maybe $30.00 or more.

After covering costs of postage any donation is supporting the work of the trust ... in what it does.  Books.  This website etc.

We self published, print small runs, and have exacted high standards over what we have done; much higher standards than most other books of this type.  And we live in a mouse maze constructed of boxes of books!

We think that when the average person sits down and considers what is involved in terms of the time, and effort to write books, run a website, be available at the end of the phone, they should be able to work out what they think the value of the work of the trust, (represented by the information in the books) is to them.

We aren't going to quibble over what you donate, because the bottom line in the economy today, is what a person can afford.

If someone really can't afford to donate, does not have access to a library which has the book, and really needs the book and is prepared to share it around, we will provide it at no cost.

What is the best way to donate?

We would prefer that you donate AFTER you are received the books. 

You can donate in several different ways:

1)  Our preferred method is personal crossed cheque, even from overseas, as this method attracts the least fees, and makes our accounting much simpler.

2)  Internet banking is available in New Zealand.

3)  The PAYPAL option is available on this site.  Please remember that Paypal deduct 5% as a service fee.  Obviously the larger the donation the more the fees, so Paypal isn't a preferred option as far as we are concerned.  Paypal makes accounting book entries a whole heap more complicated.


an electronic bank transfer, or bank cheque from overseas.  Your bank will take $25.00 at your end,  as will ours at this end.

Personal cheques from overseas are the preferred method by the Trust because it makes accounting simple and they don't incur large fees, unless your cheque bounces.


Trusts in this country are auditted, so from the book keeping aspect, cheques are much easier for our accounting and book-keeping. Careful records are kept which would be more than adequate for audit purposes. These detail when books are sent out, and all copies of overseas customs declarations are kept in case we need to track a missing book.
Receipts are available on request, for tax purposes.

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