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Medscape's replacement Gardasil magic wand

Hilary Butler - Friday, August 08, 2008

In a previous post,  I brought you medscapes 28 July commentary on Gardasil side effects, which didn't meet their "editorial requirements". Now, we can bring you the replacement version, which popped up today.

Merck can now sleep easy.

However, they do make some effort to include massaged controversy. After all, it would look too obvious if they didn't.

And here's one bit that might give you a laugh.

After the comment made by Barbara Loe Fisher from her National Vaccine Information Center" Mescape said, "The NVIC, self-billed as "America's Vaccine Safety Watchdog," has also accessed VAERS reports and made them available in a searchable database on its Web site. These data show that during 2008, reports about Gardasil have accounted for 20% to 25% of all VAERS reports on all vaccines, Ms. Fisher said. "This is striking, as Gardasil isn't a mandatory vaccine while many other childhood vaccines are, but we don't know what this means."

Don't you like the word, "self-billed"?

It's all about debate framing.  So perhaps it's time to call medical experts, "self-proclaimed", or "peer-proclaimed"?

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