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Anne Mae Braiden

Hilary Butler Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today, the Herald posted this article from another person saying, “"Do not tell me that not vaccinating your kids isn't hurting anyone but your own kids," ( Annie Mae Braiden's facebook page ) ( pdf )

I have some questions for Annie Mae Braiden, who says she is provaccine and would never consider not vaccinating.

1) Did you, or did you not have the whooping cough vaccine scheduled for 36 weeks, which the medical profession alleges prevents babies getting whooping cough?

If you received it, did it occur to you to ask the medical professionals in the hospital, why it didn’t work?

2) Are you aware of the research which clearly shows that it’s the people VACCINATED against whooping cough, who each time they encounter whooping cough,carry and  incubate it in their lungs and spread it around for 42 days? ( Warfel)

3) Are you aware that it is these incubating vaccinated people who are RESPONSIBLE for the development of the new pertactin deficient strains which are much harder to treat than the common garden varieties?

4) Did you have the whooping cough type that your baby had, tested to see if it one of the pertactin deficient mutated strains created ... courtesy of the acellular vaccine?

5) Did you know that the majority of whooping cough cases are now happening in fully and appropriately vaccinated children and adults? (And actually, they always did - - at least in New Zealand....)  


6) How are you so sure that your baby caught whooping cough from someone who is walking around, healthy and unvaccinated, rather than all your baby's aunties, grannies and your friends, whose vaccines long since wore off and who are carrying the bacteria and spreading their silent infections far and wide?

Seems to me that there are sweeping assumptions being made here, by both the mother and the Herald.

If either Annie Mae or the Herald, want to promote the current propaganda party line, the story headline should read either:

“Gutted that I didn’t get the 36 week pregnancy whooping cough vaccine!”


“Gutted that the 36 week pregnancy whooping cough vaccine didn’t work!”

Beyond Conformity Whooping cough resource. (Only any use for people who have the brains to apply themselves, read and learn )

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