“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2


Beyond Conformity Disclaimer, (otherwise known as the "covering our backside" statement).

Many systems and organizations in their desire to be considered the arbiters of all truth relating to the human body, have conditioned anyone with anything to say on the subject, into attaching "disclaimers" to controversy.

These state something along the lines of a medical version of, "Don't do this at home", or … "See your doctor first, and get his permission to breathe".

This concept could be extended to suggest that people who can't make choices for themselves should consult their aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, enemies, lawyers, plumbers, pastors, members of parliament, or whoever they think is better qualified to do their thinking for them.

However, we like to think that most people with brains check out the accuracy of information for themselves.

We also like to think, that in this educated and technologically aware world, parents can see through advertorial spin, emotional blackmail, and the many arm twisting techniques, as they sift all the information needed to make responsible informed choices affecting their lifestyles.

Naturally, many in high places don’t agree with this idea, because conformity and compliance is the cornerstone of control.

When it comes to information on this site, we have to warn you, that "systems" don't like the way we think.  We will present concepts and considerations which are not readily made available to parents, and without which, “choice” is conformed, not informed.  We have no “interests” to defend.  “Systems” do.

Do not take something written on this site and apply it, just because it gives you warm fuzzies.  We do not ever want to hear in the future that someone did it because they "read it on Beyond Conformity." 

Anything you do should be because it forms the very core of your convictions, and is something you believe is right for yourself and your family. We also believe that when someone makes any informed choice, they should own it, and take responsibility for it. 

If you cannot make up your own mind, then the default position is to let “systems” experts, your family or your friends parent your children for you.  That way, if their decisions result in a mess, you can blame them, not yourself.

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