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A fourth death in Gardasil age group

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks to an observant reader of the blog, who sent me this link, a fourth "mysterious" death has come to light. There is a new term for these deaths. They are being called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome". So there you go. What this means is you shouldn't be surprised when a "child" of any age, dies in their sleep

But here's the rub. The one common feature is that all these dying adolescents are in the targetted age group for the Gardasil vaccine.

So to recap:

This is the fourth unexplained death.

The others are as follows:

Jasmine 16, Napier, 1st week September.
Jasmine 19, Lower Hutt, 22nd September.
Jaylene 13 , Whangarei, last week of November.
Now we hear about Kate 20, Rotorua, on June 12.

We know that Jasmine from Lower Hutt had received all three Gardasil shots, and her parents are sure that Gardasil precipitated her death.

We don't know the vaccination records of the other girls, but all that should be on the National Immunisation Register.  Is anyone bothering to check that?

Why have we not seen, in the media, lots of SADS deaths in these ages before now?


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