“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Antisystematosis and Plurasideaffects.

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How many of you, who have read our books, or looked on the blog,...

1)   Really KNOWS what is in them?

2)   Really GETS if?

Evens of the last few days, most of which will remain nameless, have caused a re-evaluation from where "I sit", of what I will do, and how.

One even which bears mentioning, is Shelley Bridgeman's "The Sharp end of the Vaccination Debate" on the Herald website. The comments will keep you amused for hours. Bridgeman also penned "Not all families are equal" which is about why rich, priviledged white people don't need to breastfeed. The best assumption that can be made is that no-one who actually understood the issues, would be so stupid as to show their ignorance in public.

Another event, was a phoen call from a non-vaccinating family for "reassurance" after a fairly typical aggressive home visit "inquisition" session from one of IMAC's "OUTREACH CHAMPIONS".

Here's the deal.  Wake up, and don't just smell the roses, but count the thorns as well.

Look at what is in front of you. Open your eyes.  If your convictions are such that you can't cope with the IMAC Gestapo, then you have two options:

(a) educate yourself properly.

(b) take up the system's offer and allow your ignorance to hand over decision-making control to someone else, and let them vaccinate your children.

Look at what is in front of you politically as well.  If you think that MMP means anything think again.  Act is being taken over by the ex-National far right, and big business, to solidify both National and Big Business agendas.  The Greens are down the gurgler as far as I'm concerned.  In terms of "health" Sue Kedgeley is replaced with the ex-CEO of Buller Health Board, who is pro-vaccine, anti-complementary medicine, and who considers there are no issues with mobile phones, WIFI, or high voltage power lines.  Russell Norman, is a lime-light seeking political creature...  who frankly has no idea about the biology lifecycles or why compost is crucial to vacuuming up Co2. 

When we talk about antisystematosis and plura sideffects - we aren't talking about vaccines only.  Were talking about politics, education, health, your eternity and how all the choices these things create, affect your family.  Today, tomorrow and in the future.

Just study the comments on Shelley Bridgeman's vaccination piece - the sheeple who rent their brain space to the systems - their swweping assumptions - which Dr Reisinger once called "The arrogance of ignorance".

Everything we hold "sacred" - core education values; MMP supposedly representing differing education values; MMP supposedly representing different viewpoints - but in reality, it's become tactical politics where the motto is - "If you can't beat them, take them over..."  The real search for truth; societal values, moral values - the core tenets have all been ripped up, in one big orchestrated push, by the string pullers at the top.  None of this is a "conspiracy"; it's an in-your-face, long standing blue-print by the modern day caesars of the world.


1)  What's the bet on another orchestrated financial collapse, the doing of the very people who manipulate both financial wealth and political power?

2) Why are the majority of the young today, addicted to cellphone technology which not only increases the chances of brain cancer five-fold, but also ovarian, prostate and bladder cancer?.

And like our children, their addiction to it, prevents them from giving a damn.  "Have to die of something, Mum!"

Yet, why do so many of these young parents abdicate their decision-making to other people because - they suddenly realise they don't know squat, even though they think this age is so "superior" with such a "knowledge explosion"?  Why is their default position...  "But the experts do, so we'll let them make our choices for us.'? 

If, unlike the sheeple the system is so careful to cultivate, you've got this far, then the key message is - sit up and start looking at what you KNOW you don't know.  In all areas of life:





Your eternity.

Look at a total lifestyle and become knowledgeable.  Know what, why, where, how and when.

E.g., What are the incubation periods, symptoms, and treatments for measles? Why in certain people, can measles cause problems? How do I treat measles? when do I keep sick children at home (always actually...) Where do I find the information I need to know what I need about all the diseases including those for which there isn't a vaccine?

Chances are, that if you've got to the bottom of this rant, I'm probably not telling you anything I need to tell you in the first place, because you probably worked all this out for yourself, long ago.







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