“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Collateral Damage; The vulnerable pay the price

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, April 07, 2010

People with any brains, can see, when they are told that ordinary flu kills 400 New Zealanders every year, that 20 deaths from swine flu is chickenfeed. They also wonder why it was only last year, that steps were taken in medical practices to stop people with "influenza like illnesses", from infecting everyone else, while they sit in the waiting room. Some even asked the question as to whether there were ONLY 20 deaths because doctors, for once, applied common sense in waiting rooms! Perhaps the other 280 deaths were caused by medical neglect. Which isn’t too far fetched given the number of medical papers I have which show that doctors waiting rooms and hospitals is where you want to go if you feel the need to pick up something which you didn’t have before, but need, to get sick, so that you can legitimize a few days off work.

I find these sorts of data sculpting exercises very interesting. What concerns me though, is the elderly, who have lost their confidence in their bodies, because of decades of scaremongering from their doctors. When I produce the data proving they have been lied to, they are very surprised. Their eyes just about drop out when they see that the Ministry of Health’s own material shows that most years, you can count influenza deaths on the fingers of one hand.

Then their eyes glaze over and they tremulously say, “...but I have to trust my doctor, he knows best…” It's almost as if a light shines in and they can’t face the thought that they might have been serially lied to. Particularly when I show them the information about side effects their doctors haven’t told them about their beloved statins, and the fact that magnesium does the job just as well, with NO side effects at all.

When I show them from the medical literature starting about 1990, that rat poison warfarin, which has been standard prescription for elderly for decades, interferes with the vitamin K cycle, leading to calcified arteries, osteoporosis, kidney disease and other conditions. None of them are ever told THAT. The elderly believe warfarin is helping them be more healthy!

Instead of the truth, they are told that osteoporosis is “standard” for elderly and they need to take Fosomax, and calcium to try to strengthen their bones. Which doesn’t work, and can’t, because these elderly are all vitamin D deficient, and vitamin K deficient and are therefore lacking the two key components which work to put calcium back into bones, and stop it being pulled out.

The elderly are told that heart disease is standard for elderly, so you need cholesterol drugs to reduce the very transporter required to shift vitamin K, and to keep brains healthy. Rarely are the elderly told that there is a huge organization on the web, created by cardiologists and once-upon-a-time reputable doctors who now decry both the cholesterol-is-evil myth, and the use of drugs designed to remove as much of it as possible. How many of the elderly can use a computer?  No doubt, that's something the medical profession factor in too.

Never are the elderly told that they need vitamin D, and a simple prescription of vitamin D which would cost them $3.20, and would actually prevent the flu in the first place.  Sometimes I wonder if the bottom line is that really, they want us all dead, but slowly, so that they can make as much profit out of us as possible before we all die.

After all, what other conclusions can you come to, when the answers to all this have been in their own medical literature for decades

It’s called democracy. Your right to “know” is quite incidental

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