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GSK smacks UK Health Secretary's hand.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's how the story goes. In 2005 Glaxo Smith Kline, amongst other vaccine firms, threatened the UK Government, saying - "You've got to increase the use of ordinary annual flu vaccine in UK, or if a pandemic comes, we won't supply pandemic vaccine!  So there."  Fast forward to 2010. The UK Government wanted to back out on the 2009 H1N1 vaccine contract, but GSK refused.  And I bet they reminded them of that wee discussion in 2005. "Not gonna let you cancel", says GSK. "We'll downgrade your order of H1N1 vaccine from 130 million doses down to 34.8 million doses, but here's the deal:"

You will pay DOUBLE the agreed unit price for 34.8 million doses.  No, we have no idea how you are going to fob off 33 million doses of swine flu vaccine on people who don't want it, but that's your problem.  

And because you ignored our 2005 warnings, you will also:

 Got that?" That's exactly what the UK Government signed up to. 

Given that only 5 million UK citizens bought into the World Health Organisation's hype, what would the UK taxpayer have said to that?

On 15th April, 2010, Peter and I gave our oral submissions to the Health Select Committee in Auckland, on vaccination rates.  Peter was talking about vaccine manufacturers being "big business" to the degree that the needs of the business determine Government policy. Ex-Minister of Health, in the previous Labour Government, the Hon David Cunliffe asked us a question (with lingering incredulity), as to whether or not we really thought that was the case.

Well Mr Cunliffe, here's the most recent example of what we were meaning. The arm-twisting of the UK Government, by GSK, is just the tip of a groaning mountain of diverse possible examples.

It doesn't matter to GSK that a bird flu vaccine might never be needed, wanted or even accepted by the public, who are fed up with everyone crying wolf at every turn. 

GSK cannot function, unless everyone is injected with every vaccine they make.  It doesn't matter if the public doesn't want X vaccine.  If they make it, and you order it, you better pay for it, and make the people have it.

Look around.  GSK is not alone in arm twisting, and issuing threats. Novartis behaves the same way. As do all the others, no doubt.  Behind closed doors.

In 2004, Marcia Angell, M.D., wrote a book, called "The Truth About the Drug Companies.  How they deceive us, and what to do about it."  I think reading this book is a good starting point for politicians who believe that drug companies are all altruism, sweetness and miracle workers, because it's written by the former editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine.  Can't get more legit than that. 

However, the flu vaccine has a special place in history because it's the one vaccine which evidence-based medicine says doesn't work, ....  and yet Governments continue to order it.  Dr Tom Jefferson, who is part of the Cochrane Collaboration, has plenty to say about H1N1 being an World Health Organisation-inflated pandemic of hysteria and non-note. He also ponders on why political decisions on the flu vaccine, have nothing to do with real evidence.  Everyone quotes the Cochrane Collaboration on everything else, yet studiously ignores the fact that the flu vaccine is a crock.

But the bit that really gets me, as Dr Jefferson so succinctly puts it to the European Council's investigation into the WHO's actions with regard to H1N1, is that the data which is presented to the public, under the name "influenza-like-illnesses", is a load of bull. Influenza-like-illness encompass 50+ other viruses which have nothing to do with the influenza virus.  In his report, he points out that real influenza adds up to ONLY 7% of influenza-like-illnesses in that data, yet the total figures are the ones used to justify influenza vaccination programmes. 

If David Cunliffe only reads one thing about how data is carefully manipulated and concealed to suit the medical profession's persuasive strategies to use a useless vaccine every year, Jefferson's presentation should be "it".

The real take home message is exactly what we said to the Health Committee hearing, and here it is, in Jefferson's own words:

Tom Jefferson, a scientist currently based in Rome, said that although he personally did not believe in plots, "I am a bit worried about what I have observed."

He said WHO expert committees have "people with extensive ties to the industry or decision-makers who have explicitly kept on producing apocalyptic forecasts year in, year out."

Another disturbing fact, he said, was "the absence (with a few exceptions) of disclosure of competing interests during committee meetings" and in addition to that, there was a mysterious "swine flu committee of 12 who apparently advises the WHO Director General."

Jefferson also pointed to the low quality of the science base in WHO documents and selective use of evidence to make decisions, as well as the WHO's "obsession with pharmacological intervention (vaccines and antivirals)."

"It would appear that WHO has very close links to the pharmaceutical industry."

He said he and his colleagues recently demonstrated that influenza vaccines "have risen to scientific prominence probably because of the hunger of scientific journals for pharmaceutical sponsorship."

Meanwhile, there is no cause for panic, since the swine flu is "not particularly deadly."

Commenting on reports that Russian drugstores, even in Moscow, have encountered a shortage of antivirals and breathing masks, he said that masks and other barriers like hand washing and distancing were highly effective against all respiratory viruses, not just influenza.

However, he said no evidence had been found of "the action of Tamiflu or Relenza on the influenza pandemic virus."

That's it in a nutshell.  Every single government is wasting huge amounts of money every year, on all influenza vaccines, and antivirals, simply to keep big business ticking over. It's not a plot.  It's just blatant day-light robbery, and lies.

Whoever becomes the Health Minister after the next election, will not be making decisions based on need, or even priority.  They will be making decisions based of the advice of carefully cultivated people (by drug companies) known as KOPsKey Opinion People.  Big Pharma has spent huge amounts of time and money getting these people right where they most need them.

Amazingly, the evidence for this has been right out in the open, under everyone's eyes, for decades. 

The clearest descriptions of how this would all work in the future, was spelled out in two documents in 1997.  The first was a medical article called  United States vaccine research: a delicate fabric of public and private collaboration. Timed to perfection, WHO took the concept a step further in a book called "The CVI Strategic Plan: Managing Opportunity and Change: A vision of Vaccination for the 21st Century." This book, integrated big business, all arms of the medical profession, politicians, KOPS, famous people and the media.  The most notable omission were the minions called "consumers" into whom this stuff is lavishly injected. 

My copy of the book nearly fell apart from my underlinings!

"The Plan" is all going to plan. The New Zealand media fall dutifully into line following the "Nowak recipe" formulated in 2004.  Right down to engineering vaccine shortages every year, which just don't exist. 

WHO see themselves as so right, and so impregnable, that Dr Jong Wook Lee positively crowed  in his editorial on page 3 of WHO's "Vaccine & Immunization News" Number 6, March 1998 when talking about ensuring that all vaccines are all "fully used".  He talks about 240 more in development, and, "Yes indeed, the news for us in the vaccine business is good.  And yes, we're human beings and have got to eat, and the continual emergence of new diseases means our jobs aren't likely to disappear in the near future."

There you have it.  WHO is in the "Vaccine business". Their livelihoods depend on it. If they couldn't cry wolf about the emergence of new diseases they might have to earn a decent living.

The facts are right out in the open --- for all to see.  Which of course, is the safest place to put them, because who would think of looking right under their very own noses?  Something right under your nose is not a conspiracy, or a plot.  It's reality.  

Welcome to the real world, where truth is much stranger than fiction. 




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