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Gardasil - in the quest for evidence.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

This post is specifically for parents who believe their children have been damaged by Gardasil, and is an attempt to put in the public arena, information which has been conveyed privately, until now.  This is information you need to know if your child is damaged, or had died after Gardasil.

If your child has died.

Current autopsy protocols in New Zealand are totally inadequate. 

Brain samples collected, will only include cortex, hippocampus and, cerebellum. 

However, the two brain sections needed for advanced testing are the brain stem and cervical cord

Most autopsies do not take samples from these sections.  You need to request that that is done.  Not easy to do when your child has just died.

Do not under any circumstances allow destruction of any samples collected at autopsy.  Insist they be kept.

New Zealand does not possess the expertise or knowledge to know what to look for, in testing the samples to find evidence of association. 

That testing has to be done overseas.  The Government will not pay for that testing, and you will have to "fight" the coroner to have the samples released. 

However, be aware that overseas testing, cannot necessarily ascribe causation to any abnormalities found, because there have been no scientific studies comparing abnormalities in brain samples in deaths following Gardasil, with similarly collected and stored samples from acident victims who haven't received Gardasil, or other appropriately non-vaccinated controls which confounders.



If your child is alive, with serious neurological issues, then alongside various blood tests looking for auto-antibodies and markers of ALS, push for the following :  MRI evaluation of CNS regions, including myelination as in MS, and fibre tract projections using something called diffusion tensor analysis. 

No doubt there will be whines about the cost to the taxpayer and a wait forever in the public queue because you aren't considered urgent enough.... , so you might have to go private, which will cost. 

Do not be surprised if you are told that any abnormalities found, are most likley "pre-existing" and have nothing to do with absolutely wonderful Gardasil, ....   because there is no before and after to compare with.

What parent would even think to have evidence that their child has not got a pre-existing neurological conditions before recipient of any vaccine?  And if the child had a serious neurological condition what parent would vaccinate their child?  That doesn't appear to occur to those explaining away serious side effects...


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