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H1N1 deaths: Auckland and Waikato ICU criminally negligent?

Hilary Butler - Friday, August 20, 2010

Are doctor prepared to their patients to die, rather than take note of either Allan Smith, or the known medical literature? Hence, this open letter to New Zealand Herald.

Dear Sir,

Your "in brief" report on page 5, in the NZH 20th August reporting the H1N1 death of a 53 year old man in Waikato hospital, (who had no pre-existing health conditions), and two Auckland men, 29 and 57.  These deaths come just one day after the TV3 60 Minutes documentary called “Living Proof” which documented Allan Smith’s survival in both these hospitals, in spite of documented predictions of “certain death” from H1N1 and hairy cell leukemia.  His family forced these same two hospitals to use intravenous vitamin c in defiance of medical opposition, in spite of medical studies four years ago, showing that vitamin C was exactly the treatment of choice for white-out lung in influenza

These latest deaths in the two hospitals featured in 60 minutes "Living Proof” show that the medical profession continues to refuse to listen, watch or learn. Furthermore, it would seem that the medical profession continues to remain in ignorance of medically feasible treatments including  N-acetyl cysteine  as well as other nutrient mixtures showing promise. Even worse, is that they continue to ignore relevant reviews on the potential use of vitamin c in pandemic influenza

Implementation of a high dose vitamin C protocol was associated with a reduction in respiratory failure and ventilator-dependence which most certainly applies to H1N1 intensive care patients.

Farmer Allan Smith’s H1N1 mostly non-effective treatment would have cost the taxpayer a minimum of $300,000. Correctly administered Intravenous vitamin C treatment of H1N1 at the effective dose of 100 grams over 24 hours, would cost the taxpayer around $1,000.

60 Minutes “Living Proof” showed that had Auckland and Waikato hospitals used the vitamin C correctly, Mr Smith might have been discharged, well, within two weeks. That his treatment was unnecessarily hindered in such an obstructive manner is a travesty of patient’s rights.

That these same medical experts continue to ignore fact and proof, is resulting in continue needless H1N1 deaths.

Hilary Butler.

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