“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Jabbem All..... !!!

Hilary Butler - Sunday, May 13, 2012


Jabbem all they say.....   What next? Forced contraception?

Perhaps. Have the public have lost sight of the "real" issues with regarding "choice"? 

We were told that the public supports "free contraception for beneficiaries" .

But what does the public mean when they voted "yes" on the polls?.

Do they mean that they support free contraception being offered to beneficiaries, or do they mean that a solo mum will only receive the benefit, if they accept free contraception?

Oh Hilary, don't be silly, that's a step too far.

Really? It's called "boiling frogs" and goes like this:

"Hello Mrs Ewen Mee. I'm wondering if you could answer some questions for me please."

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Oh sure. Fire ahead...."

"Do you support compulsory vaccination?

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Absolutely, because if we don't vaccinate everyone, then all the babies will die of whooping cough, and even worse, all these unvaccinated dirty people destroy herd immunity and are a threat to us all. All the rest of us who are vaccinated might get sick and die, so YES!!!!!!! Jabbem'all"

"Do you think that beneficiaries should be forced to vaccinate their children?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Absolutely, for the reasons I said above."

"So you support compulsory vaccination for everyone?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Oh yes, yes, joy, joy....."

"Can you come around the corner then please?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "What's this?"

"It's the newest "drive through" vaccination programme institituted by the government, to make sure every man woman and child, received an annual flu shot and whatever other vaccines the government thinks is good for you. Can you roll your sleeve up please?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Of course not.  I want to know what is being offered"

"Why? You said you supported compulsory vaccination didn't you?  Why do you need to know what is offered?  After all, supporting compulsory vaccination means you trust the Government to make your decisions for you."

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Yes, but not for me, only for "them"...."

"Oh and another thing. Sign this please?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "What's this?"

"It's your compulsory conscription for an Auckland vaccine trial. Since 90% of the New Zealand public thinks that vaccination should be compulsory, and after discussion as to whether or not vaccine trials should be mandatory,  the government has decided that all who voted 'Yes" for compulsory vaccination, should be automatically enrolled on a compulsory vaccine trial schedule. Such and important civic duty that everyone has agreed to, don't you agree?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "But I didn't mean that when I voted Yes, for compulsory vaccination!"

"Well, what did you mean then?"

Mrs Ewen Mee. "Vaccination for "them" kids what need it, ... not for me!!!"

"Oh, you mean like... compulsory contraception for "them" but not for you?

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