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Paul Hutchison replies.

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Hilary

The Herald article was written by Adam Bennett. Mr Bennett has made it clear that those with a documented 'conscientious objection' would not be penalised. I absolutely agree with this. (As I am sure you are aware there can be rare but real side effects from immunisation). What is without doubt, is that the benefits of achieving herd immunisation far outweigh the disadvantages. (The World literature is clear) Few people would wish the re-emergence of polio, tuburculosis, rubella etc. for our children. The matters outlined in the article are being considered by the Health Select Committee of which I am Chairman.

Yours sincerely

Dr Paul Hutchison

It was very nice to get a reply.  Dr Hutchison is, after all, our electoral member of Parliament.

Here is what is interesting though.  I put in a submission to the Health Select committee quite some time ago.  And here's my suspicion.  He hasn't read it.  And if the supercity debacle is anything to go by, it wouldn't matter how many submissions, or how convincing they were, because what this Government wants to do, this government will do, without regard to democratic principles.

Furthermore, Dr Hutchison appears sadly out of date with reality, a situation which necessitates a reply.  Or Two.

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