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Toxic Metals found in Sweden's Pandemrix Swine Flu vaccine

Hilary Butler - Monday, August 29, 2011

Recently a blog commented that a doctor has tested Sweden's Swine Flu vaccine:

After having been injected with Pandemrix as part of the swine flu mass vaccination in 2009, the patient, her husband and their three children all developed intense pain at the site of injection.

The vaccine was administered by mixing antigen and adjuvant from two separate glass vials before injecting it into the muscle.

On a hunch, the doctor analysed the content of the vials to see if fragments of rubber or plastic material from the lid of the vials had become attached to the tip of the needle and had triggered “a foreign body reaction” at the injection site.

Instead, he found toxic metals had been added to the vaccine. .....

The consultant anaesthetist at a University Hospital said he was surprised to find “quite robust amounts of colloidal or nano-sized heavy metals” when he conducted an ICP analysis of GSK’s swine flu vaccine.

He found the following concentration in Pandemrix: arsenic [As] = 2.421 ppm and tin [Sn] = 1.511 ppm.


Who knows what is in other vaccines, until someone actually decides to look?

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