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Vaccine Awareness: do you need to be bribed?

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Regarding your article “cash lure to be vaccinated”. 

Either Paul Hutchison has been misinformed, or has misinformed you.

The payment Australian parents receive isn’t a “cash lure”. The key words are “without good reason”.

Any Australian parent who makes an active choice NOT to vaccinate and has a filed objection, receives any of the “incentives” or “payments” related to immunization, that those who chose to vaccinate also receive. To suggest that if you don’t vaccinate, you don’t get the incentives, totally undermines the concept of a right to chose, and democratic right to say no without punitive measures taken against you. Australia has recognized this, but the question is, would Paul Hutchison?


Hilary Butler.

Here is the information relating to the Australian system:


Maternity eligibility


  1. Eligibility  You may be eligible for Maternity Immunisation Allowance if:


  • you make a claim on or before your child's 5th birthday
  • you are eligible for Family Tax Benefit for the child (disregarding the FTB income test)
  • you have care of your child for 35% of the time or more
  • you meet the residence requirements
  • your child meets the immunisation requirements - between 18-24 months old for the 1st amount, and between 4-5 years old for the 2nd amount.

Note: To meet the immunisation requirements your child must be fully immunised, on a recognised immunisation catch up schedule, or have an approved exemption.


Family Assistance


  1. Exemptions Your child may have an exemption from the immunisation requirements if:


  • a recognised immunisation provider (e.g. your doctor) signs a letter or form saying that:
    • they have told you about the benefits and risks of immunising your child and you have a conscientious objection to immunising your child (your provider should complete a Health Insurance Commission Immu-12 form),
    • immunising your child with a particular vaccine is medically contraindicated (your provider should use the Health Insurance Commission Immu-11 form),
    • the child has a natural immunity to the disease, or
    • the vaccine is not available,
    • you or your partner are a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist and you have a letter from an official of the Church advising that you are a practising member of the Church.
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