“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

What's in a word?

Hilary Butler - Saturday, February 28, 2009

The title of our first book came at 1.30 a.m in the morning. I’d been watching a recorded TV programme on the MenZB showing a nurse about to jab a child. She said, “little prick…” The child exploded vocally out of the blocks, and was inconsolable. I thought back to my last phlebotomist’s visit, when the ubiquitous “just a little prick” came out. And the day when she speared a twisted vein and the whole lot swelled up like a golf ball.

Most of us in our forties have had a life full of being told that any injection is “Just a little Prick” but it’s often a lie.

And obviously, in the PC world we live in today, such a phrase was living on marked time.

So it comes as no surprise in the new instructions given to vaccinators, that no longer will we hear, just a little prick, unless a nurse sloppily retreats to decades of verbal conditioning.

The new noun to be used is “jab” to be placed in a variety of differently constructed sentences.

At least, it’s accurate.

And then there is the new pc term for “side effects”, which was much to bald in truth, so was changed to “adverse reactions”. That too, is much too honest.

The New term is Expected Responses, as seen on page 22 in the 2009 Kung Foooooooo doctor’s kit from IMAC. Mind you, IMAC does forget themselves, and lapse into “Side Effects” later in the document. They haven’t yet got the old conditioning out of the way… I guess that will take a bit more practice.

And no doubt, it won’t be long before the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring, better known as CARM becomes the Centre for Expected Responses Monitoring. CERM. Well, erm…. If responses are expected, why talk about them?

And that’s the point – a hollow, sharp one it is indeed! Serious side effects are now so commonly expected, that for once, in choosing a term which doesn’t create apprehension or fear, IMAC have struck upon just about the most accurate description I can think of.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have phoned this house, and told me that after the three month vaccines, when their baby cried inconsolably for hours, their doctor told them that “that is normal”.

It’s expected. Your baby will respond!

I wonder if I will live to see the day when the death certificate of a baby killed by vaccines has as cause of death:

“Metabolically disadvantaged”

What on earth does that mean?


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