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Romans 12:2

When influenza flu data mongering backfires

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Here’s where their stupid data-mongering went wrong. Because they have repeatedly lied about flu deaths by simple multiplication and adding in deaths from a whole swathe of viruses that have nothing to do with the flu when there is actually only a handful of real flu deaths in the country every year, they weren’t able to admit that actually, the swine flu WAS worse than the ordinary flu. They were hung by the petard of their own lies.

But that’s okay, because a pandemic come very rarely, and only when the World Health Organisation deliberately changes the definition to toady up to the vaccine manufacturers. So long term its better to shut up, maintain the lies, because it’s much more important for the vaccine manufacturers to make their bread and butter money from suckers, every year, than on the odd occasion.

And let’s face it – by putting the swine flu strain into the annual shot, they can have their cake and eat it, and still remain silent.

The medical profession can not admit they have lied to New Zealanders since 1997 (upload document). People might ask what else they’ve lied about, if they can lie about the flu! And if you confronted the Ministry of Health with these lies, they would come up with some fanciful, convoluted highly technical explanation to attempt to glaze over your eyes, and muddle your brain into thinking that they truly are experts who are incredibly intelligent people and have to know better than you do, and certainly a lot better than that stupid woman called Hilary Butler.

But here’s the problem for them. The evidence that what I say is the truth, is all there in their own medical data, and the medical literature.... which they hope you won’t track down, and confront them with. Of course, the publishers are part of that Turkish knot, because even if you track it down on the web, they want to charge you about $30.00 American dollars for every medical article you try to click on. You get told, “This article requires a subscription” or “You can pay per article”. It’s not enough that they rake off gazillions in advertising in the magazines those articles were printed in.  Pulling the wool over your eyes can be a very lucrative business!

When you want information to see if what they are saying is actually true, they want more millions – which you aren’t likely to have, because you don’t have that kind of money in the weekly kitty called “non-essentials”. After all, two medical articles will equal your weekly food bill. Works well. People just sigh and turn away, which reinforces the “trust the doctor” message.

And the media won’t tell you the truth, because they rely on huge amounts of money from the Ministry of Health and the vaccine manufacturers to line their pockets as well. I’m not the only one who saw the patronizing Ministry of Health’s influenza sound bites flashing from the New Zealand Herald’s website. It’s all part of that contemptuous business practice of I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Never mind the collateral damage in the meantime.

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