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Children's flu vaccines as from this week.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In response to some questions after yesterday's blog, Fluvax was mainly used in adults here during March, so it's not been so much of an issue in this country in terms of children. The two vaccines being offered to children are Influvac and Vaxigrip. The pdfs for all three was in an earlier post, but they are embedded here under the names in the first sentence.

For those who have told me that staff have said their children under 35 months have to have a full dose, that's not true. 6 months to 35 months have half doses.  If they still don't believe you, make the medical staff consult their own website.

In terms of local serious reactions, our area has seen similar reactions to those mentioned in Australia, from INFLUVAC

For those of you wanting CARM information:

Reporting forms are here, and CARM's actual premises are:

  • Location:
    First Floor
    Westpac Building
    392 George Street
    New Zealand

    Postal Address:
    University of Otago Medical School
    PO Box 913
    Dunedin 9054

    Email: carmnz@stonebow.otago.ac.nz

    +64 3 479-7247 - Dr Michael Tatley - CARM Director

    +64 3 479-5164 - Dr Mira Harrison-Woolrych- IMMP Director


    The best way to report reactions is


  • Get from the medical practice the name of the manufacturer, and batch number;
  • Fill out CARM's word document;
  • add a supplementary word document stating exactly what happened;
  • set your email programme to ask for a receipt after your email gets to the website, and another when it's opened;
  • ask for a return email with the adverse reaction number in it;
  • then send your email to CARM... AND to the medical practice of your child at the same time.
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