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Did you have time?

Hilary Butler - Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Gardasil consent form was interesting wasn’t it! Did you find the time to read the fine print? So many fascinating ironies in this little exercise, which may well have “escaped” most people’s notice. The first and most interesting is on the back on page 8, where it says, “..only authorised health professionals can see, use or change the information on the consent form, the School-Based Vaccination System (SBVS) or the National immunisation Register (NIR)” “So..??? ” I hear you intone while you scratch your heads…???

Does it surprise you to know that some schools delegated children to collect consent forms, sort them into Green piles (Yes) and Red piles (No); tick off the names from a school room list, and then the teachers started harassing kids who didn’t return forms to class?

Does it surprise you that some children were put in detention for NOT returning forms, even though it is clearly stated that the only compulsion to return forms was on the children TO BE vaccinated?

Does it surprise you to know that these lists, and other actions in contravention of the Privacy Act, has resulted in both classroom and school ground bullying of the children whose parents had read the fine print, made a "no" choice, and knew the law on this matter?

If you were one of the ones having your child vaccinated, did you notice the little box at the bottom of the consent form, that asks you to tick it, if you didn’t want that information on the National Immunisation Register?

If you did tick that, wanting to opt off the National Immunisation Register, did you know that the information you just supplied would go onto the School-Based Vaccination system, which you aren’t allowed to opt off? It’s there on page 8 where it starts the paragraph with:

You can choose not to be included on the NIR.” Actually you can chose to opt off the NIR completely, except it’s a Clayton’s opt off, because the girls name, address, doctors information, NHI number, date of birth, district health board, previous immunisation, all stay on the NIR data base. What does “opting off” achieve? The illusion that you are in control, when you aren’t. The end of that paragraph says, “All other information is removed.” What other information?

What did you learn about the VACCINE in this consent form?

Not much, eh. Did I hear you say, “But the children were shown a DVD which showed lots of science to tell them the facts!”

You mean, the DVD that is full of totally shonky science? And yet, not one nurse presenting this DVD knew it, or bothered to correct the incorrect science involved? Did the nurses assume it was correct?

So how is it, that a school teacher, and perhaps science students, are the only ones who can work that out?!

What else are parents assuming?

That the vaccine is safe, and won't cause any side effects?

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