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Did Gardasil kill Jasmine?

Hilary Butler - Thursday, May 26, 2011

How much does the medical system know about the total hardware of the immune system, and how all parts interconnect? As you’ve seen in the last few blogs, their understanding is crucially hampered by what they now know they don’t understand. The problem is, most parents have no idea of the extent of their immunological “blindness”. Definitive knowledge of the innate immunity, our first defences, resembles a big black hole called “ignorance”. Immunologist appear to be like tree experts, walking in huge forest, saying, “Oh yeah, I recognise that clump of trees – they are antibodies, but I don’t know what they have to do with those ones. Wonder what these are? And those are....” and so it goes on.

Vaccines are presented as if antibodies are wonderful and the only thing that matters. Gardasil is a particular case in point in that regard, because the antibodies provoked by the vaccine, are hundreds of times higher than the antibodies created under conditions of natural immunity. Is that a good thing? Gardasil’s inventor thinks so (God’s gift to women) without wondering for a moment about the consequences of generating vastly higher levels of antibodies than an actual infection could have ever created. < p/>

Doctors faced with a vaccine reaction, have a standard explanation: “We don’t know what this problem is, but we know it’s not the vaccine.” Even in their ignorance they KNOW it’s not the vaccine, and they seem to truly believe it.

The medical profession has an extraordinary concept of “rightness” about their beliefs. Unless proven otherwise, their consensus theories are considered immutable fact. And woebetide you if you suggest they don't know what they are talking about.

So for instance, until recently, the brain was considered “privileged” - relatively protected from the immune system. On this fallacious assumption, autism is proclaimed as a genetic disorder rather than an aberrant immunological attack on the brain.  This article may be one of the first to openly discuss that children with autism have serious inflammatory markers in the brain.

An immunologist may STILL also say, “Oh – there’s something going on in a brain? Well, because we KNOW (believe) that the brain is “privileged”, it can’t be anything to do with a needle we stuck in your child’s arm.”

Yet on the other hand, we have been told for years, that viruses such as measles, mumps and rubella, can get into the brain and cause inflammation or encephalitis.

How could they tell us that, yet consider that the brain was a separate entity from the immune system?  Where is the logic?

If your child has a Gardasil shot, loses her ability to think properly or function sleeps interminably and has constant inexplicable pain, the ability for the medical profession to connect the Gardasil shot to the brain problem will pretty much near ZERO.

The two will not be connected.

Note that I didn’t say “cannot”, but “will” not.

And so it was when Jasmine died after her third Gardasil shot on 21st September 2009.

Jasmine was 18. The pathologist took samples, which ESR tested for.... Alcohol, drugs, opiates and paracetamol.

Not long after, permission was requested to destroy the samples.

Jasmine’s parents said, "No", and immediately asked if brain samples could be sent to a lab in Canada for further neurological testing.

In answer to repeated prods, Jasmine’s parents were told that the pathologist was “seeking expert advice”.

In March, the pathologist asked  Dr Kate Neas, a clinical geneticist who looked at sudden heart rhythm disturbances, to organise for the whole family to have cardiac investigations. The Renata's still distraught family members, were neither interested, nor fooled.  They recognised the delaying tactics for what they were, and replied saying that they would consider such an appointment when the brain samples had arrived in Canada.

In July, the New Zealand autopsy results showed no evidence of any inflammatory changes within the nervous system. The methods the pathologist used were not specified. The pathologist reported that he had not received any medical records or any other medical information at the time of Jasmine’s death. He only found out the circumstances surrounding of Jasmine’s death, months later. 

Had Jasmine's mother not insisted on speaking with the pathologist, the process would have likely proceeded in the absence of any information, a serious flaw in the fundamental coronial process.

The Chief Coroner also tersely reminded Rhonda to see Dr Neas.

The family again refused to see Dr Neas until the tests had been done in Canada, so on 12th August, 2010 after  the Coroner finally relented, and allowed brain samples to be sent to Canada for specialist neurologist testing, However, in doing so, the Judge said,

“Tissue released from the pathology department of Wellington hospital is irreplaceable. Whilst all effort has been made to abstract as much information as possible from the samples, scientific and legal developments are not predictable and, thus, further investigation or clinical review, should this become necessary, will not be possible once the tissues are released.” (emphasis added)

A remarkable comment, given that a few months earlier, the same people asked permission to destroy the samples.  Was this also a last ditch attempt to stop these tissue samples being sent overseas? 

The Coronial Services paid the freight to Canada, but refused to pay the testing costs, (see No 1) because they were “considerable”.

As soon as the samples arrived in Canada, an email arrived from the laboratory, asking whether samples  had been obtained from the brain stem and cervical cord, important areas when one is looking for inflammation. 

Unfortunately, none were available, because none had been taken at autopsy.

The results from Canada were received in early May 2011. A covering email simplified the findings for the family, from the full report and the slides.

In part Dr Shaw's email stated:

Some of the cellular stains described above show apparent abnormalities. These include:

1. A number of cells undergoing programmed cell death in the hippocampus and cerebellum;
2. Neuro inflammation, particularly in the hippocampus;
3. The presence of stress markers in cerebellum and hippocampus.
4. The presence of aluminium labelling in all areas.

The first three outcomes point to some form of brain injury and could be taken to support the types of clinical symptoms that Jasmine experienced. However, given that we have only Jasmine's samples and no controls, we can't be sure that the condition is not part of a "normal" spectrum across a population of women of her age group. While I believe this to be unlikely, it might be difficult to prove otherwise.

The aluminum in the various brain regions is telling and could only have come from an outside source. That source could be by diet (we all consume a certain amount of aluminum daily in our normal diet), antacids, antiperspirants, or vaccines with aluminum adjuvants. Gardasil does contain aluminum, but so do many other vaccines, so it is difficult to pinpoint Gardasil as the reason for the aluminum in the brain.
Given that people don’t get symptoms like this, just from food aluminium like baking powder, or antiperspirant – and given that Jasmine didn’t take anti-acids, and only had one vaccine containing aluminium, the family consider the vaccine to be the source of aluminium.

What can we conclude from the fact that Canada found that Jasmine’s brain was inflamed with cells dying, and had aluminium everywhere (note 7th line of abstract)?


Why ......  were the tests in Canada, ....

 different to the tests done in New Zealand?


Before and after the first, second and third Gardasil injections, Jasmine received FIVE INJECTIONS of depo-provera, a three monthly injected contraceptive which uses large quantities of Polysorbate 80 as the means of preventing conception. But polysorbate 80 is also a compound used to drag drugs into the brain in much higher quantities than the blood-brain barrier normally allows.

Gardasil also contains polysorbate.  However, the larger amounts of polysorbate in Depo Provera may have acted as an extra “adjuvant” which took the vaccine adjuvant aluminium from the three vaccine injections, and dumped it each time, ....  into the brain

It should be pointed out that many girls who have had serious reactions to Gardasil in New Zealand and around the world had been taking the Pill or some other chemical contraceptive. 

It is well known that aluminium is a neurotoxin.

But is there anything else which could have caused Jasmine’s brain inflammation? 

It is also possible that Gardasil proteins might have an affinity to a brain receptor like NMDA, which has already resulted in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in a teenager after DPT. Those dealing with the UK Cervarix (HPV vaccine) reactions, say there are three confirmed anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis cases after Cervarix, which are in the official data base, but are not yet written up in the medical literature. Those cases exhibited similar symptom patterns to Jasmine.

Three other brain disorders have been reported after Gardasil.  Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis,  Motor Neurone disease, and White Dot Syndrome

Testing Jasmine's samples for the anti-NMDAR antibody is the next logical step.

So, ...  Does Gardasil affect the brain?

Jasmine’s parents have many stories to tell of young ladies, whose “mental” status changed after Gardasil. For some, that lead to seizures (often a sign of brain inflammation) and death. They do not know of any autopsy investigations on any other girls who have died after receipt of Gardasil. Like many others around the world, I consider Jasmine to be the almost invisible tip of a world-wide iceberg, representing young girls who are being damaged in many diverse ways by Gardasil and Cervarix, but whose parents are being fobbed off with the line, “Vaccines don’t do this!” 

The reason why Jasmine's family could not get satisfactory and definitive answer in New Zealand, is crystal clear (to me). The system designed to “investigate” unusual deaths, does not appear to be able to take correct samples required, or apply the correct tests, to find answers to the correct questions.

But then, as Dr John Emory once pointed out at a SIDS conference, “If you ask the wrong questions, you’ll get the wrong answers”

More importantly for the vaccine industry, if pathologists and vaccine manufacturers don't know how to look in the right place, or use the right tests, or even ask the right questions, they can always truthfully say, “What reactions? We’ve never seen any.”

Because, (manufactured) ignorance really is bliss.

But so long as the vaccine industry can always deny definitive knowledge of reactions, parents making choices will continue to assume that vaccines never cause harm, and those of us who believe otherwise, will never be able to prove vaccine reactions.... , because those responsible for patient safety in vaccine manufacturing companies, and the agencies supposedly protecting recipients, are - in my opinion - committing “Wilful Ignorance”.

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