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Romans 12:2

First reply to Paul Hutchison

Hilary Butler - Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your reply. Have you read my submission to the select committee yet? Have you read the OTHER submissions?

I completely disagree with your statements in the paper and your proposed approach to vaccination. Furthermore, I completely disagree with the tenet that parents should have some “conscientious objection” signed off at the whim of a doctor.

Vaccination should be an “opt-on” programme, where only those who wish to vaccinate, should be required to apply to be on the Immunisation register, if the committee decides not to extend the register’s current function. It’s easy enough to assume that everyone else isn’t vaccinated.

You (of all people) must know that I’ve spent 28 years researching and writing about vaccination. I have all the key international literature and New Zealand literature on Polio epidemics (and other diseases) and the questions raised at the time by key doctors here. Have you read all that? If you have, you must realise that your statements are far too simplistic.

Let me rephrase your statement. The world literature (which you have read) may be “clear”. The world literature which I have read, (on top of what you have read) which comes primarily from medical data bases, does not present a clear picture at all. The medical profession cherry-picks from it’s own literature certain positions which it wants reinforced. The rest of the literature aren’t referenced, and are hidden. The known views (of the WHO) are carefully crafted to create a specific impression, yet if you delve deeply into their literature, you would be astonished at what you’ve not been told. And their handling of H1N1 in 2009, was absolutely abominable.

Furthermore, so is the Ministry of Health’s information pamphlet on 2010 seasonal influenza vaccine this year. Have you seen it? I’ve attached it for you. Yet another product of “Chinese whispers”. How do they get away with telling us Swine Flu (officially known as Pandemic Influenza [H1N1] 09) has been in the news a lot because it is a new type of ‘flu’ we have not been exposed to before.

The picture “you” see of vaccines is the ultimate rosy glow that you believe from what you’ve been told, and what Nikki Turner presents to you, (IMAC wrote that H1N1 brochure!). But even you can see that the statement above is rubbish.

I invite you sometime Paul, to come to our house for the day. Shall we take Polio, since you brought it up? I will sit down with you, and show you medical literature you may never have seen or read, which puts a completely different complexion on Polio, and explains why, in spite of Indian (and African) children being vaccinated more than 36 times in their first four years, vaccinated children still come down with Polio in India, and why in developed countries, with minimal (and some European countries, which didn’t vaccinate until the 1960, but their rates of polio dropped the same as everywhere else) or no vaccination, polio vanished from those countries.

Peter and I have written two books on vaccination Paul, something you surely must be aware of. We are not stupid. The one current vaccine I’ve not written on extensively is Polio, because that deserves a book all of its own.

Right now, this country has an evolving disaster on its hands with Gardasil, something I’m sure you’re being insulated against by your minders. Such are the rumblings, that Nikki Turner came out with a blog on the topic, which was so laughable that even doctors emailed me in astonishment.

You live in a rarified world in Parliament, Paul, in which you don’t see or experience the situations Peter and I do. For decades we have been the “go-to” point when pro-vaccine parents’ lives turn to custard.

I’m sick of watching Health Department vaccination DVDs which are an insult to the intelligence of the mynas in our neighbourhood.

However, if you don’t wish to come and spend the day with us, perhaps we can drop you in the two books we have written, to give you some more interesting bed time reading.

The rights of parents to chose yes or no, without harassment, pressure, and without being required to pay to pass some sort of “roasting” at a doctors before a “conscientious objection” form is signed, are part of “democracy”, Paul. And in many ways, just as, if not more important than supercity issues.



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