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Romans 12:2

Flu vaccine causes the flu.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

But not the "actual flu" mind you. The one that everyone thinks is the flu when it's not the flu. Now, let's be precise. The Herald yesterday had this bizarre piece  (pdf) which treads new ground.

For once, we are told a bit of truth. Very selective truth.

"Thankfully, there is still very little actual influenza circulating in the community, although we are seeing other respiratory viral infections, including common colds," the NISG virologist said.


"We know people often mistake them for influenza. They may have some similar symptoms but they're not the same disease."

but then we get to the "lying by omission" stuff, which we've come to expect from the medics who give the media the spin lines they want spun. After all, these regular drips to the media are all about making sure the Herald publish something every two weeks with lots of fearmongering, reminding people to get that jab!  Mustn't "waste" tax payer's money!!!!  Dr Jennings just can't help himself. After all, this is what he's paid to do:

People with underlying medical conditions risked serious illness, hospitalisation and even death if they contracted the flu, Dr Jennings warned, and those at greatest risk from flu complications should be immunised as soon as possible.

But the sentence that grabbed my attention was this last one at the very end:

About 1.2 million people have already received the vaccination, which poses no risk of causing the actual flu, Dr Jennings said.


"The ACTUAL flu"? Ah yes, but it seems the medical profession would like all those with serious illnesses to be injected with a vaccine which causes all the other "non-actual" flu?

I guess Dr Jennings is hoping that most people won't get their head out of the pavement and ask the question, "What does he mean by the word, "actual"?

Perhaps, Dr Jennings has read the latest medical literature (+ supplement) which shows that those who get the flu vaccine have a vastly increased risk of getting "influenza-like-illnesses".  You know ... "the flu" which people think is the "flu", when it isn't the "actual" flu.  These infections are not "the actual flu", but are CAUSED by having received the influenza vaccine.

The other bit of truth that Dr Lance Jennings couldn't bring himself to tell the Herald, was that the FLU VACCINE didn't prevent anyone in the vaccinated group getting fewer incidents of the ACTUAL flu, than those who were given a real saline placebo.

So Dr Jennings performs magician's sleight of hand for the media, telling just enough of the truth to create a seemingly real mirage, while hiding the MOST IMPORTANT two bits of the rest of the truth, which would fully explain his version of the "truth", and would actually reshape his truth... into misinformation propaganda. Or to put it bluntly.  A lie.

This is why you can't trust the media or the medical propaganda, one inch.

Prediction: The next NZ vaccine campaign will have the title:

Real Guys Immunise.

All part of the belittlement campaign of those who see through their sleights of hand.Google it.

Then ask yourself why it is, in this IT age, that so few people appear to have the brains to find these facts - which are in broad daylight, and think for themselves.  Including... the media.

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