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Gardasil lies, damned lies and more omissions

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The e-mails and phone calls have finally stopped.  Thank you everyone.  If interpretations are true, the performance on TV last night, of teenage giggling and Nikki Turner's elation at the introduction of Gardasil in New Zealand was a very happy clappy occasion. Perhaps. However, I had already checked out the two new websites: one put together at Nikki Turner's request by non-questioning AUT students (nothing better than the blind leading the blind - makes for peer-group gullibility and have-the-jab pressure, no doubt!), and the site by the Ministry of Health. The AUT  generated site is marked by it's mottly pink tinkly vacuousness, and the Ministry of Health one, by it's bland sweepingly boring and totally expected inaccuracies.

But since when have facts got in the way of agendas?

Strangely, a mole has told me that both MoH and Nikki Turner, are well aware of the errors and omissions they chose to ignore. Why are you surprised?

Let me give you some simple examples:

1)  You are assured that there are no serious side effects, and this vaccine is the best tested vaccine in 20,000 young people, ever released.

Wonderful eh?  Except in the age group targeted here, there were just over 1,000 participants of that age, and five in the vaccine group had serious side effects, and none in the placebo group. and that's right there in the Merck application to FDA.

But no, there are no serious side effects!  PLEASE don't bother looking at the VAERS database which has over 9,000 events, and around 19 deaths, because none of them have any relevance to real life!!  As you now know!!!

Next Myth (excuse the sarcasm.  A little mental picture here, is useful):

2)  We humans live in a little vacuum whereby the Human Papillomaviruses which cause cancer live on the surface of the moon, and only descend to earth when some boy decides it's time to have sex with some girl.  At this point either the virus from the moon infects the boy, and passes it to the girl, or vice versa.  Flip the coin, and take your pick.

Unfortunately it's impossible to do an accurate scientific trial from the surface of the moon.

Sound ridiculous?  Well, it is.  

You are led to believe that parents, grandparents, their friends and everyone else who kisses, cuddles and raises children can rabidly and efficiently, constantly infect each other with HUNDREDS of different types of human papillomaviruses including the ones in Gardasil,..... yet  babies, children and pre-adolescents live on a bubble-wrapped planet protecting them from infection with veryone else's human papillomaviruses? And a virus species that infects practically every mammalian species on the planet?  Doesn't it strike you as slightly ridiculous that you are expected to believe that these cancer-causing human papillomaviruses, types 16 and 18 et al... obey some notice on the wall dictating "Don't you know you only infect people once sex has started?"

How have supposedly thinking students at the AUT fallen for such a load of bollocks?  Even worse, it would appear that NONE of the AUT students bothered to check out the medical literature for themselves. Since Finland is so often quoted as the pinnacle of virtue, why don't they start with the Finnish study showing infection of babies and children? Then why don't they do a thorough Pubmed search on the topic such as in this site in Resources? Is that too much to ask?  Probably.  Generally, most students just believe what is told them.  And their "job" was "just" to put together a website, not question whether the medical experts were withholding important information from them.  It wouldn't occur to them that they were simply the means to an end agenda.  And being forced to defend their "ownership", because their names and faces were put to the inaccuracies they put on the web.  I think that is a tragic position to put the AUT students in.     

Medical studies in the last 15 years plus, have constantly warned HPV vaccine developers that human papillomavirus types in Gardasil, start infecting babies in utero, continue through babyhood, childhood and pre-adolescence.

Now that scenario -- that viruses move from the constantly infected population to those they look after -- is a lot more likely than the stupid notice on the wall idea, don't you think?

I face the starkness of this "infected in babyhood" reality each time a new swab of a close friend's daughter, who has never had sex, results in yet more cut, slash and burn.  Given that cervical dysplasia isn't something that happens overnight, and takes years to need excision, just why is this 17 year old girl, who has not yet had sex or snogged a boy, been visiting the oncologist regularly since age 15?

Probably because, as medical literature proves is possible, her first contact with HPviruses was in babyhood. 

I am told that she is "not alone" in her circle of friends.

Even more tragically, this girl belongs to a generation whose diet mostly reflects a mineral and vitamin deficient, fibre lacking, SAD (Standard American Diet) state of affairs.  She and her friends have always had a fascination with fashion models best described as "stick insects" and would be completely at home on the catwalk.  Which you might say is preferable to obesity.  Each extreme has its own hazards.  Interestingly, to these people, the words "selenium, folic acid, magnesium" etc, are part of a foreign language, which eluded them at home or in their education. 

"Poverty" can apply, not just to money, housing, or nutrition.... but to wisdom, since these kids are not from families with serious financial deficiencies.

Note the word "wisdom", not "knowledge".  Information doesn't equate to knowledge, or wisdom.  The information on nutrition in our filing system and book cases, (which spans the "knowledge" from the last quarter century at least) is astounding in the paucity of "wisdom" exhibited.  There is plenty of "information", which changes content as rapidly as car models do.  This purported "knowledge", asserted at the time as the latest "wisdom", is obselete when the next, better version, hits the headlines.  Little wonder that these kids don't know what a decent diet is.  How would they know who to believe, when?

Now, these same kids are being fed "wisdom-deficient" information about the Gardasil vaccine.  Is anyone surprised by that?

I can bet you one thing.  The MoH, and AUT sites, will never have a V-bulletin site dedicated to honest discourse from recipients of Gardasil vaccine, where they can discuss and swap the variety of symptoms they will experience, perhaps permanently, as Gardasil attacks their pancreas, their immune systems, their nervous system, and reduces their lives to rubble.  Perhaps they don't realise that sites are popping up dedicated to getting the word out about these mythical Gardasil side effects that don't exist.  There are now two Yahoo groups dedicated to Gardasil, ( http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/lets_talk_about_gardasil/  and  http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/gardasilwatch  )   and it won't be long before Cervarix has it's own enclave either.  Why are students ignorant of such facts?  Because they have been told that such thoughts that there could be serious side effects, is a coincidental load of "anti-vaccine lies", that's why.

Funny though, how it's the organisations MoH and others consider to be "anti-vaccine", who are left to pick up the mess created by vaccine defenders.

Why is that, do you think?

Rhetorical question.  As usual. 

Additional thinking matter for sceptics can be found by following the medical references in the Resources tutorial on Gardasil.

Some reading not in said tutorial:




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