“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Johan Morreau - the ugly

Hilary Butler - Sunday, October 16, 2016

Johan Morreau. Let's talk about the real elephant - the reality you sweep under the carpet.

. You say, "I'll never forget a child I once saw. Dad was at home looking after this baby of just a few months of age, mum was at the supermarket. The child was crying CONSTANTLY. he was holding the baby like this. The child was crying and he couldn't cop, and he shook the child (light shake). The child continued to cry. he shook the child again. The child went pale, stopped crying, and a few minutes later, had a convulsion. He brought the kiddie straight to the hospital. When I explained to him that his child had just had a brain bleed, he leant over his baby and he wept, and he wept. No-one had taught him how to deal with the situation he found himself in. I wonder if he had ever met a child health worker."

Let's analyse this. The unspoken message is: Shaken baby syndrome because dumb dad caused a brain bleed with that little jiggle you demonstrated.

Typical medical assumption. There are a few problems with that assumption. If that baby was on your watch, why do you "wonder"? Shouldn't you know the care provided to that baby?

For a mother to go to a supermarket alone without her baby tells me one thing. That baby had been screaming, not just for an hour. Or even an hour or two. That baby was probably a vaccinated SERIAL screamer.

So let me ask you some questions. Was the baby a premie baby, born under your watch?

Was that premie baby immediately cord clamped by you, depriving it of stem cells and the blood it so desperately needed to have a better start?

Did you load that premie baby with vitamin K immediately at birth?

Have you ever wondered why it is, Johan, that all babies are born with low vitamin K? Or do you just assume it's a mistake, and that every baby must immediately have it's blood made many times thicker than that of an adult? Did you know that low vitamin K levels is a trigger to switch on the body and brains ability to mobilise stem cells, to fix damage which is inevitable during birth? And that by whacking in vitamin K that actually, you just might PUT some babies at risk in a way you have not thought about before?

Was that mother told her breast-milk wasn't good enough, so that in NICU you could use fat-enriched formula on the monstrous myth that that is much better for a premie? Did that baby also get serial clusterbomb antibiotics, because - as we all know - formula often leads to necrosing enterocolitis in neonatal units?

Did that formula, then antibiotics, also lead to microbiome destruction, disabling the normal immune system priming of that baby and leaving him behind the 8-ball from then on?

Even if the mother maintained any semblance of breastfeeding, was her diet so inadequate that her vitamin D levels were rock bottom, and vitamin C levels undetectable, so she didn't have in her, what it takes to make healthy breast milk? Do you talk to your parents about REAL health, Johan? 

If that baby had everything I wrote above, done to it, then that baby's bones weren't laying the collagen down properly, the collagen throughout the body was poorly knit and the whole vascular structure fragile and at risk.  And if that baby was fully formula fed, were they using the cheapest one they could afford and watering it down too much? You have to know, as a paediatrician, that weight and height charts only tell you about chubb, NOT about what's really going on inside a baby.

Did you do full skeletal xrays looking for Harris lines, bucket fractures and all the other tell tale signs that Emery so passionately explained in the older medical literature when he proved that the VAST majority of babies THEN called SIDS, (but who would now be called "Shaken babies") were malnourished even in utero?

Did you just blame a father for Shaken Baby Syndrome, because your conformed thinking means you didn't do the tests needed on the baby or the mother to discover that actually YOU were asleep on your watch?  Do you think that had you been awake on your watch, that not only could that baby have still been alive but the father wouldn't be living with your accusations that he had ignorantly killed his own baby?

That's another elephant in the room isn't it. It's not just parental ignorance, its paediatric assumption, leading to a circus investigation, which results in a pre-ordained judgement. As Emory said, you can't get the right answers, if you ask the wrong questions.

You talk about suicide rates and going back into NEWBORN NOTES and finding that the situation was predictable, and preventable. Predictable by who and preventable by what?

Johan, since 1981, every few years you guys present parliament with your latest and greatest green paper on children's issues with plans to "fixitall". I've read them all. And made submissions to most. Every single one of them misses the point and ultimate misses the mark, as you have pointed out. You no doubt put your two cents worth into all that lot as well. Think of the flip-flops and roundabouts, that culminated in CYPS which is now about to be disembowelled - because it's unworkable. What do you have to show for your previous ideas, other than a serial "fail"?

To be continued - Part 4.

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