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Lucy's Miracle

Hilary Butler - Monday, January 05, 2009

On January 4th, The Sunday Star Times (1.9 mb pdf) published an article about Lucy Law's miraculous recovery from the combination of leukaemia and an aspergillosis fungal infection in her lungs.

The story is interesting on two levels.

First, that according to her father, he has refound his faith.

Second, the miracle itself.

My take on the miracle though, will possibly be a little different to what other people think the miracle was.

Perhaps most people might assign Lucy’s miracle to the hands of the medical profession, but the whole story deserves much closer scrutiny.

In 1981, when our first son was born, he was administered antibiotics.  They were needless, as it turned out, but what interested me, was that he was also administered oral vitamin B drops.  On asking what they were for, the paediatrician told us that antibiotics often caused thrush, and the drops were to prevent candida.  Such practices no longer appear to be in favour, and I've heard many people moan about antibiotics being followed by thrush taking hold.  That is not surprising, when you consider that wherever antibiotics touch they effectively napalm and "defoliate" much of the good bacterial flora, which keeps bad bacteria and candida at bay.

What does this have to do with cancer?  In 2004
a study came out, showing that for some unknown reason, antibiotics were linked with a higher rate of incident and fatal breast cancer.  These findings resulted in howls of protest from oncologists, and the pharmaceutical companies.  The usual tsunami of retrospective and other studies debunking such arrant nonsense tumbled out, blaming uncontrolled confounding or "other factors". Of interest to me, was a study indicating that women who had Rosacea, are at increased risk of breast cancer.  The medical profession has no idea what Rosacea is, how or why it suddenly appears, yet treats it with a barrage of antibiotics, which suppresses rosacea for a while, but if often returns with a vengeance later. 

My mother and father, both had the "red noses" typical of rosacea.  My grandfather in his latter years, had the characteristic massive facial flushing of "rosacea" and was partial to his alcohol. Nearly 19 years ago, I was diagnosed with rosacea, but being allergic to antibiotics, had one avenue cut off from me… thankfully.  Up until 2008, I used various forms of quackery to keep it in control, but this year, with the stopping of my period, it went berserk.  I looked like mini cluster bombs had attacked and scorched my face.  In desperation, I read around the many rosacea forums, which attest to the failure of the medical profession to get a grip with this condition, only to find that many women who eliminated refined grains and all refined sugar, and adopted an "anti-candida" diet, had their rosacea disappear. Strange huh?!!!

2008 study confirmed the debunked antibiotic/cancer link in 2004, so we now wait a new tsunami of denial.

In the meantime, the addage that every medical speciality has it's pilloried fruit loops, came true for oncology as well.  Enter Italian Oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini who 
explains in a translation on Youtube, with a more valuable follow on here and here that cancer might not be what current dogma says.  His book "Cancer is a Fungus" has been a huge hit, while "party-line oncologists" require medication to reduce their dangerously elevated blood pressure, induced by rants detailing how one of their own could be such an idiot. 

Dr Tullio Simoncini’s videos on You-tube explain exactly what he does and why.  He believes that the key to cancer is to get rid of the various different forms of fungus which causes the body to throw out a protectant around them, producing many different forms of "tumours" or cancers.  He makes the point in his discussions, that the tumour biopsies he takes, as an oncologist, don't look at what is in the core of the tumour, but look at the encapsulated surroundings of "whatever is inside". 

A few years ago, my mother died of vaginal cancer.  All her life, she struggled with thrush in one form or another.  She had gingivitis, which resulted in her teeth being removed at the age of 44.  Gingivitis is a nutrient deficiency, particularly of vitamin C.  For years she had vaginal lichen schlerosis, another disease about which the medical profession knows zilch, yet throws massive doses of steroids at it to make it “go away”.  Little wonder my mother also had early osteoporosis with spinal fractures.   No-one told her, that steroids strip minerals out of your bones!  The funny thing is that lichen schlerosis looks exactly like.... candida.  But... they say it's not.

What has all this got to do with Lucy Laws?  I believe... everything.  When Lucy was diagnosed with leukemia, and aspergillosis, the only reason they treated her fungal disease, was because her prognosis was so bad that there was "nothing to lose". 

I was one of many people to pray for Michael Laws, and his daughter.  My prayer was that God would direct the family to the right cure, regardless of the ideology of doctors. But I never thought of the aspergillosis.

To me, the "miracle" is that the Starship specialists treated the fungus first..... even if they did not use bicarbonate of soda. The usual oncologist would completely dismiss any suggestion that cancer is a reaction to fungus, so to treat a fungus, to cure cancer is a preposterous idea, right?  But after watching Dr Tullio Simoncini's videos showing how fast his cancer patients get better, should we be surprised at just how fast Lucy improved?  I'm sure her family will attribute her seeming remission to the cocktail of highly toxic drugs for which they must don gloves and syringe into her mouth three times a day, after all they continue to give it to her three times a day.., but is it?

And did my mother die of cancer, or of untreated fungus?

Is my rosacea, of nearly 20 years duration, actually a form of systemic candida?

With no place else to turn, and nothing to lose, in October 2008 I started an anti-candida diet.  It’s hard going when you are cutting out what to most people, are the “mainstays of pleasure”.

But, for the first time, I'm starting to see a new me. 

The rosacea is retreating. 

I've energy absolutely leaking out of my ears.  

A lot of other things are visibly changing.  What, you may ask?  It may sound silly, but I was born with such dark brown eyes into a blue-eyed family, that the common comment was, "And which milkman was your father?".  When I married Peter, my eyes were green on the outside, and brown in the middle.  "Hazel" is the term you might have used.  After doing the Ultimate Cleanse in November, two astonishing things happened.  The first was that stuff came out of me, the likes of which you would not believe.  Second, all the brown in my eye colour has disappeared, and my eye colour is now a slate grey blue with a slight green tinge.

My diet is  what you might call a more expansive version of a Paleolithic Diet, which is the for-real food most of us ate before we had foisted on us El Chateau Plastique bread, white poison for sugar, and milk which might be best classified as fit for "past your eyes" only.   It looks as if that in order for me to really live, I have to go backwards to the time when our lives weren't governed by big business, experts, specialist or nanny governments.
Why?  Because my dealings with the medical profession ignorance has at last educated me, to the point where I see that:
1) There are huge numbers of medical conditions about which they know little.

2)  Yet even though they know little about the etiology of many of these conditions, they quite happily throw napalming antibiotics, or immunosuppressant steroids at “the something”, just so that they will "go away".

3) Both rosacea and lichen schlerosis might appear to go away, but they can both come back as a much bigger monster later on.

4) Doctors, Big Business, experts, specialists and nanny governments have little idea what real health is based upon.  If they did, we wouldn't be where we are today.  Unless, we are exactly where they want us to be....


5)  I might as well try something truly radical, on the basis that at least, it makes (common) sense to me.

As Tullio Simoncini says... fungus is the disease of the last hundred years, and that just might be because we have ingested vast quantities of refined flour and sugar, which in all its guises, feeds fungus, and antibiotics constantly napalm and kill all the decent bacteria in the body which prevent it's spread, and keep it in control.

Could it actually be that the huge increase in cancer in the last 100+ years can be laid at the door of "modern" nutrition combined with immunosuppressant drugs and antibiotics?


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