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Multiple vaccines overloading infant's immune systems?

Hilary Butler - Monday, May 03, 2010

"Not possible!" said Dr Paul Offit who believes that the medical profession can happily inject babies with up to 100,000 vaccines at any one time, and the baby's immune system will be just fine. This "dogma" is repeated by all and sundry, including GP's, IMAC and many other medics on autopilot. The theoretical "mathematical model" Dr Offit touted, has just taken it's second "hit" in two years. The first was when they added chickenpox to the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (MMRV) which caused an increase in high fevers and seizures, and the second has been adding H1N1 into the children's seasonal flu vaccine in Australia, which has also caused an increase in fevers and seizures.  Not that you'd know it, by the way CSL and other "stakeholders" are trying to say nothing, to keep this out of the news.

When the problems with the live virus vaccine MMRV surfaced, the ACIP - of course, didn't do anything about it.  They left it hanging by saying:

"Combination MMRV vaccine is approved for use among healthy children aged 12 months--12 years. MMRV vaccine is indicated for simultaneous vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella. ACIP does not express a preference for use of MMRV vaccine over separate injections of equivalent component vaccines (i.e., MMR vaccine and varicella vaccine)."

With the exact same problem being seen by parents in Australia, and some in New Zealand, by a killed virus vaccine, the question is.. "Why is this happening?" 

One doctor thinks he knows why.  But there's a potential squib about to erupt over this one, and that's the fact that this particular doctor has developed a new vaccine technology, which is in direct competition with the old.  So what's the bet that CSL cries foul and says, "Conflict of interest! This guy just wants to shaft us, and feather his own nest!" 

Interesting little term, "conflict of interest".  It's definition depends on who you are, and how deep your hands are in what till.

While the play is acted out behind the scenes, here's the news article which gives us some more clues:



Residue in flu jab causing kids' reactions: scientist

May 2, 2010

A LEADING researcher claims to have identified why the seasonal flu vaccine is causing an outbreak of adverse reactions in children, including high temperatures, fits and convulsions.

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, a Flinders University immunologist, says an experiment he carried out indicates that
large amounts of viral genetic residue created by the vaccine's manufacture were overloading infants' immune systems.

The experiment left him in "absolutely no doubt" that high levels of the residue in the form of RNA (the viruses' genetic blueprint) were the cause.

Professor Petrovsky's claims were supported by Melbourne immunologist Professor Bryan Williams, whose team at the Monash Institute of Medical Research is at the forefront of research into how the immune system detects infection.

"I was planning to design my own experiment to test this, before I heard about Professor Petrovsky's result," he said.

This year's vaccine contains more RNA than previous years, because it consists of several inactivated seasonal strains of influenza virus combined with the pandemic H1N1 swine flu strain. Professor Petrovsky says RNA extracted from the flu vaccine triggered an "enormous reaction" in human immune-system cells in vitro.

Professor Petrovsky is founder and chief executive of Vaccine Limited, which has developed a system for producing vaccines in genetically modified insect cells without using viruses themselves.

The method does not produce genetic residue.

Professor Petrovsky said it was ''amazing that the regulatory system still doesn't require manufacturers like CSL to measure the amount of contaminating RNA, despite 50 years of data showing that RNA levels can vary greatly from vaccine to vaccine''.

''It's a nonsensical way to make a reliable product for human medical use,'' he said.

A CSL spokesman declined to respond.

Five years ago Carol Sledz, a graduate researcher in Professor Williams' research group, published a paper in Nature Cell Biology reporting that short RNA molecules could trigger the innate immune response in mammals.

When the RNA molecules activate the receptors, the cells produce interferons, which cause a protective fever and an elevated temperature that helps to destroy viruses and TNF-alpha, which drives a cascade of inflammatory reactions.

These are the symptoms seen in the children who have suffered adverse reactions to the seasonal flu vaccine. In the early years, fever and high temperatures can cause mental confusion and convulsions.

Professor Petrovsky says RNA-digesting enzymes degrade RNA residues in some flu vaccines, but CSL's vaccines consistently rank near the highest for RNA.



Anyone with a brain should have seen after the MMRV fiasco, that 4 vaccines would be tough, let alone Dr Offit's statement about 100,000 vaccines.  I think Petrovsky is right. 

What's a parent to do?  Remember this:

Medical people listen to you carefully (after all without you there is no butter for their bread).  Everything you say is so interesting, so important - and could be the springwell of some amazing discovery to feather someone's nest.  The medical profession often says that mothers are best judge of their babies, and know what is going on in them. 

  • That is,
  • until
  • YOU
  • say
  • one of two things:

"I don't want to vaccinate my child" - or

"My child changed after that vaccine you gave".

Right there, your credibility is zero.  You're labelled fearful, neurotic, stupid.... and they don't want to know.

My opinion?  If your instincts say that vaccinating doesn't feel right, don't do it. 

But don't expect your doctor to understand that perspective when it comes to vaccines.  They only understand the principle of taking parents seriously, when it suits themselves.

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