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New Zealand Herald's usual Flu propaganda

Hilary Butler - Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today, the Herald printed it's usual annual flu propaganda (I've removed the URL) and a private email to the reporters who put their names to it, was returned. The Herald doesn't allow enough words on the comment facility to deal with the issues, and they only want videos or photos, not facts. Therefore, this blog will address the issues.

Addendum 22 July 2012.  The HERALD removed the original PROPAGANDA, so the above URL will take you to the NEW propaganda. 

Here is the original article for you to see.

The original URL, leads you to new pap, which has no authors and shows what gutless wonders the NZ Herald really is:

Dear Kieran and Celeste,

"12 people fighting for their lives"? I notice you didn’t say how many of these 60 people cluttering up the hospitalh system, had ALREADY had the flu vaccine?  Was that something the medical system avoided telling you? After all, Allan Smith had been vaccinated with that year’s flu vaccine but that didn’t stop him getting it did it? (not that they admitted that on this programme but Allan told me that himself.) And of course, they won't be using vitamin C do prevent any of these deaths, because that doesn't fit in with the medical system's belief system.

Don’t these same medical people who deliver you, the emotional stories of people like "Lucy"…. also say that the “normal” flu kills 400 New Zealanders a year??? Well, then, aren't we doing well?  And did Lucy Janisch-Fitzgerald tell you what her vitamin D levels were like? No, of course – hospitals don’t test for that - just like they don't use vitamin C to prevent flu deaths, when we know that works as well.

What did these medical people give you to report, in the line of hard medical FACT? 

Did they talk about how the vaccine doesn't work at all well? 

Did they tell you that the medical literature shows that if your vitamin D levels are high, that it’s not possible to get a respiratory infection, let alone the flu? Did they provide you with their medical evidence proving that - and ALSO showing that New Zealand has serious vitamin D deficiency issues? (Would you like me to send you all that literature, or can you make it up to Philson medical Library to find it yourself?)

What the Herald published was nothing but convenient emotional blackmail, handed to you by the medical profession on a plate.

I would like to challenge the two of you, to do three things.

1) First, go through the NZ Herald influenza archives, (if you actually have such a thing these days) and look at the headlines and articles from previous YEARS – back say… oh… 20 – 30 years? If the Herald [conveniently] does not have such a thing, have a look at the short list on page 236 – 237 from “Just a Little Prick”.Perhaps you should read all the chapters while you are at it.... Take note of the following facts:

a) Like your headline in the Herald, the headlines on pages 236 – 237 –( which are only a small selection of what the Herald has dished up in the past), never fitted the actual facts either. “A severe flu epidemic hits country” hasn’t actually happened has it? It’s just “predicted” to sweep up the country, because 60 people so far have landed in hospital, whereas the majority of flu partakers, have not. How do you know that prediction is any more "factual" than all the other predictions the Herald made in years gone by - which turned out to be fiction? And if the NZ Herald actually has the sort of newspaper archives I’ve got, you would see clearly that the medical profession cons you into writing this stuff - all – the – time – without – fail. 

They have done so since there was a flu vaccine to be had, and a journalist’s arm to be twisted.

What’s even funnier (funny isn’t the right word), is that when the supposed flu pandemic doesn’t materialise, then the same experts who conned the media, come up with all sorts of dainty palatable excuses as to why the epidemic didn’t materialise. In the past, they could never use the excuse that it was because of the flu vaccine, because in the past, most people had brains and avoided the flu vaccine like the plague. Uptake was worse than minimal.

Nowdays, it’s supposedly around 30% of the population maximum…. But don’t believe me. Use your own eyes, and do your own research – the figures to prove those statements are there if you look. Of course now, with the relentless emotional blackmail foisted on people, more tend to think “If journalists and the medical system say this all the time it must be true, so I’ll believe the journalists!” – and they toddle off to do what you say. Because… see number two….

2) Second, please read the two Nowak 2004 and 2005power points.  They are crucial to you understanding just what you have done. 

Nowak devised the plan the medical system dishes up to all you journalists worldwide so that journalists provide their FREE annual marketing strategy for flu vaccine. Note that they did NOT present you with any scientific fact - just emotional blackmail. The fact that they do this to you every year, should be a red light flashing your brain.

Why does this same medical system chose not to tell you anything about the vaccine to put in the articles? do they want you to think that "That goes without saying?"

They don’t want you to know the medical science on the topic, because if you did, you would say, “What are we printing this stuff for?”.

To see the science you have to…..

3) Go to the Cochrane review and look at their papers on influenza vaccine issues as well as Tamiflu and Relenza.

Are you happy now that you’ve read what the SCIENCE has to say? Now look at this "discussion points" pdf.

And listen to this Cochrane podcast
Now that you’ve done all that, perhaps you could both write another article telling the Herald readers what truths you discovered from Nowak, and what scientific facts you gleaned while doing numbers 1 – 3?


Hilary Butler.

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