“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Part 2 of 4 Offiteerers’ passion

Hilary Butler - Friday, November 27, 2009

A recent abridged email provides another piece to the jigsaw puzzle:

This person was talking about being “called into the manager's office and informed that I was now an Immunisation Co-ordinator, a joint role I shared for about 18months. I have been in the position of seeing and hearing both sides of the immunisation debate. I attended one of the Immunisation Conferences a few years ago, and the people in this role are genuinely passionate in their perceptions that immunisation is the best way to protect the community. They are deeply caring and totally committed to advancing the goals of 95% immunisation cover --- eventually.

What is lacking among this group is an awareness of the alternatives to immunisation, and the debates for and against have become now too 'them and us' in it's intensity.

Absolutely they are “passionate” that vaccines are the answer.

I too am passionate about my convictions that vaccines are not necessary. There is a key difference. I have nothing to gain by holding my convictions. My income doesn’t depend on my “passion”. I sign no contracts which say that I MUST promote my passion.

My passion is the result of a 30 year study of their science, which has lead to deep personal convictions. I know why I believe what I believe. I also provide references for whatever I say. More importantly, I have the advantage of having once been where they were, and now … being where I am.

And I can see what these passionate provaccinators don’t even realise, or if they do, it frightens them. And it’s this:

If … instead of believing the WHO, and all the other “Offits” of the world, these people actually read all the science in their own medical literature which I, and many other people around the world have read … they might one day, be smacked in the brain with the blinding revelation that they are barking up the wrong tree.

But you see, they can’t do that.  To be continued.

 Part three

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