“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Pied Pipers and duped lemmings.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There are days when you wonder where supposed experts leave their brains. Worse, you wonder about the people who follow like lemmings. Dr Arthur Caplan has scored another hit in the brainless bullseye for his recent medieval thinking blog. I will intersperse comments amongst his mental witterings:

Measles are breaking out all over Britain. First lie. Of course, Caplan doesn’t take anyone to the Ministry of Health websites which show the opposite, but why let truth get in the way of the next pogrom.

Getting fewer headlines is the fact that measles are back in the USA too. In fact they are in our region. A mini-epidemic is raging in Brooklyn. Measles for cripes sake! The disease that many of us over 60 had as kids that should never occur is back with a vengeance. And Caplan is healthy and alive to tell the tell. How was that possible?

The reason for the diseases reappearance is simple—failure to vaccinate. Proof please.

Maybe it is time to get tough on those whose choices put others at risk. Now this should be interesting. I wonder if such a thing as "the law of consistency" will apply?

For decades, there has been a safe, effective vaccine that works exceedingly well against the measles–95% full protection for a kid who has been vaccinated– and nearly equally well at preventing transmission to others. The more people have been vaccinated the tougher it is for measles to gain a foothold. Ye good olde brainwashing again.

NY City health officials have reported 30 cases so far–26 in Borough Park and four more in Williamsburg. The NY Daily News reports that the consequences of this outbreak have been dire:

“There have been two hospitalizations, a miscarriage and a case of pneumonia as a result of this outbreak,” a Health Department spokeswoman said. “All cases involved adults or children who were not vaccinated due to refusal or delays in vaccination.”

Miscarriage, as a result of vaccine refusal or delay? How is it proven that the miscarriage is from measles? After all, miscarriage after a vaccine is always said to be coincidental. And miscarriages, according to those who deny vaccine reactions, are so frequent anyway, it wouldn’t be possible to separate out anything from “background noise”. So where are the URLs proving the assertions to actually be FACT….???

So far the outbreak has been among religious Jews some of whom shun getting the vaccine for their kids out of fear it causes autism Dr. Yu Shia Lin of Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park told The News.

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn are not the only ones making poor, dangerous and sometimes fatal choices by avoiding vaccination.

You mean, amongst this orthodox Jewish community whose members were about as vaccinated as it’s possible to get, .... which should make Dr Caplan proud??? And who is being "anti-Semitic/anti-religious" now? Don’t you love the excuses here? Apparently.... the MMR doesn’t work .....when lots of people get together.

But hold on! Isn’t the purpose of a vaccine to protect a person, no matter what? Isn’t that why in overcrowded refugee camps, the medical doctors and occupants, are vaccinated against everything, from head to toe… to protect them when lots of people get together whether they like it.. or not? Isn't that why the measles vaccine was the "aid" to Haiti refugee camps, after their earthquake? (Question... did it work?)

Isn’t that why so many Americans get travel vaccines? So that they can waft along cheek by jowl like human lemmings, believing that they are surrounded by a magic bubble?

Caplan concludes by saying: “If I know you or your kid made mine sick because you chose not to vaccinate then you should bear full responsibility for the harm you knew or ought to have known could happen.”

Really? Perhaps Dr Caplan needs to look at the other boot, on the other foot...

Question One: If your kid’s vaccine didn’t work, why don’t you sue the vaccine company for making a defective product?

Oh right. I forgot. You can’t sue vaccine companies – they have a free pass to sell whatever junk they see fit.

And anyway, the vaccine manufacturer would say that the problem was your defective kid's genes or immune system, not their defective vaccine.

That it didn’t protect your kid is just a coincidence, because supposedly it protects everyone else’s. Except.. suddenly, when the non-vaccinators “Deadly choices threaten us all”. Then, those effective vaccines don’t seem to work at all.  Then, why use them?

Now, where was I? Oh yes… (Psst wouldn’t you think that pro vaccine parents would understand the brainlessness and utter illogic of this type of medieval thought, that measles from any source would kill their supposedly protected healthy child?)

Question Two: In countries where the chickenpox vaccine is widely used, can the families who were naive enough to use the chickenpox vaccine, which causes a huge increase in shingles in older people, be sued for listening to such dumb advice?

Question Three: Would you sue the government of a country that doesn’t use the chickenpox vaccine, if your chickenpox vaccinated child travelled through such a country and the vaccine didn’t work?

Question Four: How would you prove it was my child that infected your kid?

Question Five: If you finger-pointed my child and I provided proof that my child had natural immunity dating way before your kid got sick, could I countersue you for bigoted medieval-style harassment?

Question Six: What about if your vaccinated child with whooping cough gives my (vaccinated or unvaccinated) child whooping cough? Can I sue you for that too?

After all, you should know that THAT can happen, since the majority of whooping cough cases are in the vaccinated. It’s all there in the medical literature.

Question Seven: Given that we now know  that people vaccinated with the flu vaccine don’t get any less flu than the unvaccinated, but DO come down sick with far more respiratory infections than the unvaccinated, can I sue your vaccinated child for infecting my child with a pathogen s/he wouldn’t have got, had your child NOT been vaccinated?

Let’s take this a step further…

Just say, Dr Caplan, that you chose to formula feed your child. We all know that the consequences of formula feeding are a huge number of preventable infections and a massive drain on the public taxes to the tune of billions a year in the USA alone:

Question Eight: Can I please sue you and your wife, for formula feeding your child, resulting in a massive taxpayer bill for illnesses that would have been preventable, had your wife used breastmilk to feed your children?

After all, if “Do no harm” was really your first principle (except we know you aren't that "kind" of doctor...) , you would have made sure that there was a breastmilk bank in your town, and your babies would have benefitted from it, improved their lifelong health, quite apart from saving the tax-payers billions of dollars and wasted time and effort, both in the short and long term.

Just say, Dr Caplan, that your idea of child-nutrition was crap and as a result your child was selenium deficient. Now we know that in selenium deficient people, viruses are able to increase virulence, yet when transferred to a person with adequate selenium, that virulence is maintained and the virus can cause serious illness. Your neighbour’s nutrition affects you too.

Question Nine: If I was able to prove that your sick child was selenium deficient and had passed a virus to my child, could I sue you for being an irresponsible parent and feeding your kid junk-food?

Question Ten: And just say your junk-food fed kid then became obese and got obesity-driven type 2 diabetes, could I please sue you and your wife for creating a case of preventable diabetes which resulted in needless misuse of my hard earned taxes?

Now, let’s move on to the medical profession itself.

Question Eleven: If my child is forced to take multiple antibiotics against my wishes, which result in that child getting clostridium difficile, can I sue the medical system for his/her needless pain and suffering?

Question Twelve: And what if my child catches a norovirus while in hospital for a broken finger?

Question Thirteen: What if he’s in hospital for vaccine reactions and lands up with hospital acquired MRSA, VRE or some other preventable medical error?

Question Fourteen: Can we also as a society, sue the medical system for decades of knowingly overprescribing antibiotics resulting in bacterial resistance, superbugs, and a dire situation because the medical profession didn’t take the time to learn how to deal with things any other way than using instant “human microbiome napalm bombs”?

The list of preventable medical error is endless – some of it caused by very committed and passionate people who are distraught at what they have done. The damage done, in the name of “helping people” is huge – buried in sterile terms such as inevitable “system’s failure”, yet those very people – well meaning or not – appear to be utterly incapable of seeing their own decisional shortcomings.

Question Fifteen: In the light of huge annual numbers of preventable medical errors, which rob so many people of their ability to enjoy life, what moral right does the medical system have to make vaccine CHOICES for parents?

Question Sixteen: What moral right, does the pro vaccine medical community have, to enlist and encourage pro vaccine parents to eagerly support a media-driven campaign with constant verbal vitriol, making non-vaccinating parents (who should preferably be shot at dawn) a focus of constant vilification?

Any student of history can tell you the answer to question sixteen. It doesn’t matter that today’s society is supposedly the most advanced ever. An ignorant population is a fearful one. A population made paranoid by manufactured fear is easy to control. The controller just has to persuade people that their fear will go away if the public become mindless marionettes, and dutifully obey the dictatorial instructions. The methods used by key opinion people controlling the thinking and actions of ordinary people, haven’t changed since BEFORE medieval times. Every dictator (political, religious or medical) who has lived on the face of the earth proved that. Dr Arthur Caplan is running true to form, rolling out mindless mantras to pull on well worn strings.

Something else hasn’t changed much from the medieval times, either. The numbers of thinking people with the ability to logically analyse the real issues and understand who today’s manipulators are, and why …are as woefully few on the ground as they were in the time of Copernicus.  Today's pro vaccine majority are as enthralled with Caplan, as many Germans were by Hitler, and likewise, appear unable to see the illogic. Their answer?  Behave publicly, like duped lemmings.

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