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Romans 12:2

The Get-out-of-jail card

Hilary Butler - Sunday, July 14, 2013

Part One: Words from Memory Lane.

Part Two: Who controls the rhetoric?

Part Three: The name of the game.

When it comes to this article "Worried Sick", here’s the amazing thing.  “Nocebo” is treated as if it’s some white rabbit, just pulled out of the magician’s hat in the last five years. They say, “We’re in such a primitive state of understanding this phenomenon, particularly in a clinically oriented way, that we just need to do more research.

This statement is a load of rubbish.

Big Pharma really started perfecting "nocebo", when polio went from being a spectacular but the most rare of diseases, to an industry run by an organisation called “The March of Dimes”. As the rates of polio sky-rocketted in the forties and early 50’s, the March of Dimes was looking at ways to persuade everyone to give to them, every dime they could find. Such a small amount yet by the tonnes, funding a massive industry to come....

On lamp-posts, bulletin boards, shop fronts, newspapers, films – anywhere where eyes might see, volunteers pasted up dramatised posters of children in braces, children in iron lungs, or theatres showed film strips portrayed the most pathetic of the pathetic.


Information does indeed create fear.   People gave millions and millions of dollars, because those posters, that information, made them scared that THEIR child might be next.  You can use the term “coercion” if you want, but nocebo is the right term. Nocebo (the giving of negative information) is designed to create stress, fear and worry, and to result in a "desired outcome".

They know that.

We know that.

That’s why nocebo is so artfully used.

The result of the March of Dime’s fear creation campaign, is something the medical profession doesn’t talk about much, because it makes them look really stupid.  They actually have one THING right.  If you implant into a person's brain, FEAR through your words, that FEAR can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  FEAR can render an immune system utterly useless - literally paralysed with fright, and that very fear makes the person susceptible to a disease, they would NOT have been susceptible to, if they had not become insanely scared of it in the first place.  You have to wonder whether some of the increase in polio numbers was due to the heightened fear created by constant fearful visual images, causing people's immune systems to buckle under the pressure. 

Something else happened in America, which they never thought about.  Suddenly, hospitals started being inundated with people arriving at hospital with all the PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS of polio, but no virus of any kind.  This was later termed “psychosocial hysteria” but was a direct effect of implanted nocebo.

In some instances, the hospital response was painful. A few smacks on the face, and the stunned person being told to get a grip and pull themselves together and stop being a hypochondriac.

Yes, as "Worried Sick" says, “nocebo effect may be induced by mere information” and “nocebo can occur without conscious awareness”. Up until now, nocebo has been used to the medical system’s advantage. But doctors are hardwired towards dishing out nocebo as a result of their training and experience.  As this medical article shows, fear is a doctor's automatic default response, creating their own personal fears, which forms the foundation for everything else they say and do. Doctors are hardwired to fear.  It colours every decision they make and the words they say to people.  Doctors have, by and large, forgotten what “normal” is.

Please read that article, because if you don’t understand why a doctor is hard-wired to feel and create fear, you won’t understand why they constantly plant fear in YOU.

Portraying nocebo as a new problem, is the medical system's “get out of jail” card for a big problem they have, .... which they cannot control ....  and are desperately looking for a seemingly factual solution which the conditioned masses will believe and take on board.

So what’s the problem? Simple.

Big Pharma survives when lots of people take lots of vaccines and lots of drugs.

Big Pharma doesn’t look good when LOTS of people have very nasty side effects from vaccines or drugs.

Just think of the numbers of drugs on the market which have caused absolute mayhem.  One classic is Fenoterol.A New Zealand story if ever there was one. And the manufacturers of Fenoterol, fought against doctors revealing that story, just like they fought against VIOXX disclosures and 101 other drugs most people would never know of.

Every drug reaction HURTS sales, and diminishes the patients' trust of doctors.

And that’s the bottom line. That’s why research must try to scientifically prove that it’s the PERSON who has the problem, and NOT the drug or vaccine.

At the risk of repeating myself…. keep in mind that in 1981, when our first child was born, the concept of “informed consent” – or even "consent", actually, was almost non-existent. You were NEVER told anything bad about any drug, but you were always told all the bad things (nocebo) about any disease. Even in May 1991, when the Ministry of Health published it's first brochure on "Principles of Informed Consent and Choice",  clinicians in the system fought every inch of the way, to have the brochure stopped.  They were disgusted at it's contents.

I had hepatitis B in the days when it had no “B” after it. It was called “serum hepatitis” and the most common cause, and indeed, how I got it, was from having a blood test at a lab which used contaminated re-usable needles. In those days, “serum hepatitis” barred you from medical school or nursing for seven years, a fact which probably saved me from a fate worse than death!

Particularly with older doctors, it was “normal” to not tell a patient that they had a serious terminal disease on the basis that a patient would do better if they didn’t know they were terminally ill. There was much discussion about whether this was ethical or not. Even from the war days, doctors knew the POWER OF NOCEBO (that information could harm), and used it to the full, either way – to say something to create compliance, or to withhold information in a patronising manner.

Back in the 1980’s, vaccine reactions came like a bolts out of blue, because parents were NEVER … NEVER told anything, about what a vaccine might do. So there wasn’t any such thing as “nocebo” assumptions, causing the reaction.Parents always felt blind-sided, betrayed, lied to, and very very angry.

I believe that one of the reasons that there was a change from the practice of telling patients nothing, was because too many doctors got caught out.

For instance, a mother with terminal cancer was told she merely had gastritis, but out of earshot, the family were told she had cancer and wouldn’t last the night, and indeed, she died that night in her sleep. So years later, when the daughter was diagnosed with gastritis by the same doctor, she had to go for a second opinion, because she couldn’t shake the fact that she could also be being lied to.

Once you mess with truth, you mess with trust big time.

Exactly those sort of situations where patients lost their trust after information was withheld, or lies told, were becoming too common-place to ignore.  Doctors realised that both were negatively impacting their business, so…. ever so gradually ...  they accepted the fact that patients did actually have the right to know what was going on, being given, being done, and what might result from all that.

And yes, that is a potentially double edged sword.

To be continued.
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