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The Bell tolls but who is listening?

Hilary Butler - Monday, July 01, 2013

The news that CSL refuses to take responsibility for flu vaccines which cause seizures in Saba Button, an Australian child, should toll the bell and wake a few people up.Look at CSL's reasoning:

“In a defence filed in court last week, CSL lawyer Belinda Thompson claimed Saba had two other shots, Neisvac and Priorix, on the same day and alleged they may have caused febrile convulsions and fever.

Ms Thompson said CSL was not required to do pre-marketing clinical studies for seasonal flu vaccines. She said her client was not told of at least 90 other children presented to Princess Margaret Hospital with adverse reactions - 19 of which involved seizures or convulsions - after receiving Fluvax between March 18 and April 15.”

HERE we have exactly the problem which has been pointed out ad nauseum before…. When three different vaccines are given together, how do you sort out what did what? Is anyone really surprised that CSL is screaming “This other company’s vaccine, or that other company’s vaccine could have done it. It’s their fault, not ours!” Pass the buckoh!!! 

How do parents feel about the fact that CSL isn’t required to do pre-marketing clinical studies for seasonal flu vaccines?

However, the problem goes WAY deeper than this case now being fought in court in Australia.

If CSL won’t accept responsibility for the flu vaccine side-effects that EVERYONE KNOWS existed, and were known to be caused by that vaccine, then what hope would there ever be, of anyone who had a serious reaction to Gardasil have, ... of making a case?

Why is that relevant?

CSL is one of the companies that manufactures Merck’s Gardasil vaccine under contract. You know, the vaccine that is “wonderful” – that has never had serious reactions; nor deaths associated with it, according to people with their hands on the helm of that propaganda war.

Consider this. The world has heard lots about a study which reports a fall of HPV vaccine strains in teenage girls from 11.5% to 5.1% since Gardasil was introduced. The media though, isn’t talking about the REALLY important talking points in this article.Here is a copy with markings.

There are two things which the public won’t know from any news items, which are clear in this article, and they are:

1) The unvaccinated had 25% fewer HPV infections of any type.

2) The unvaccinated had 75% MORE infections of the types in the vaccines, but

3) The VACCINATED had much higher rates of other HPV types not in the vaccines.

Given that the numbers were small (111 vaccinated and 239 unvaccinated) what can we deduce from this study? There do not appear to be any difference in sexual behaviours between the two groups. The authors suggest a difference in confounders, but don’t explain what they are.  Why not?

Do these numbers have world shattering importance ?  The medical profession and the media thinks so, which is why it's been given world-wide exposure.

So why is the same media not telling the public that on 14 June, 2013, Japan suspended the use of Gardasil vaccine in 12 – 16 year old females?

Japan introduced the vaccine in April 2013, and went full steam ahead, administering it in quick-fire time, to 3.28 million Japanese girls and women.

Nearly two million vaccine recipients reported side effects of fatigue, pain and swelling at injection site.

There have been 1,968  formal reports of systemic adverse effects, including 357 serious cases difficulty breathing, walking and convulsions and a further 43 considered very serious cases, which also included complex regional pain syndrome, and death.

In March, Fifty families formed a support group, which is gaining more members daily.

The really interesting issue about the suspension of Gardasil in Japan, is that this is the THIRD time Japan has suspended a vaccine.

1) Japan suspended the whole cell pertussis vaccine, and refused to ever use it again in babies, waiting until it had a safer acellular vaccine of it’s own design.

2) Japan tested all available MMR vaccines, including the MMRII used elsewhere in the world, and found the rates of encephalitis unacceptable with ALL of them, so suspended every MMR vaccine, and now uses only two separate vaccines.

3) Now, Japan has suspended Cervarix and Gardasil.

Let’s look at these three suspended vaccine types, from the view point of the authorities in the rest of the world.

1) DPT. The rest of the world had serious problems with whole cell DPT, which were serially ignored and denied by authorities. To a very large degree, the rest of the world was forced to follow Japan, precisely because parents of vaccine damaged children (who were told their reactions were coincidental) said, “If Japan could make a safer vaccine, so can you.”

2) MMR. The rest of the world continues to argue that there is no problem with MMR, and that there must be something “strange” about the Japanese people. And anyone who says MMR has problems, will be accused of being deceived by Andrew Wakefield! Even if the people concerned have no idea who he is…

3) Gardasil and Cervarix. Everywhere these two vaccines are used in the world, exactly the same sorts of reactions as have been seen in Japan, have been reported, as well as some far worse side effects. But according to the experts elsewhere, these are all coincidental, and being perpetrated by stupid neurotic parents with far too much spare time on their hands.

Even worse, serious side effects in adolescent girls are being "blamed" on the girls themselves with bizarre excuses such as red-herrings like, "You daughter's pain is all made up in her head.  We don't know what it is, and can't treat it so it can't exist.  Oh, she's started street drugs?  Well, when is there a time in history when adolescents haven't become snotty nasty vipers!  It's just a normal stage of development.  She will grow out of it!"  Parents are sick and tired of being told that their angel turned pain ridden hell-cat, is just going through a normal stage of development. 

In terms of a vaccine schedule, the Japanese use a lot of vaccines, and many that the rest of the world doesn’t, like BCG at birth, and Japanese encephalitis vaccines. However, the Japanese medical system is not “paranoid” about parents vaccinating. Parents can opt out quite easily, and it’s not frowned upon.

However, there is another Japanese trait, and that is that Japanese parents don’t tolerate vaccine reactions.  Which is why this is the third vaccine the Japanese authorities have suspended. They become extremely vocal about it.  The authorities listen.  Because Japan has a well known history of reactions, politicians are much more receptive to the truth, and don’t treat parents as if they are liars, because “honour” is still considered highly, as a core value in Japan.

Elsewhere in the world parents who suggest vaccines cause problems, are treated like scum.

So we wait and see just what the Japanese Government will do.

My prediction? That on this occasion, the Japanese Government will probably succumb to international pressure and pronounce the vaccine safe and effective, because Gardasil, in terms of sales is way bigger a revenue earner than either DPT or MMR, and Merck requires Gardasil to have a wonderful reputation in order to rescue the company from the Vioxx debacle, so no mud can ever be allowed to stick onto this vaccine.  It's all about money which packs a pretty song, but it's the truth, as stated clearly by Dr Broker (see page 19).

So all the girls who have been, and will be maimed and killed by either Cervarix, or Gardasil, and their parents, can expect to continue to be isolated and silenced.
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