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The ignorance of vaccinologists

Hilary Butler - Saturday, December 05, 2009

What do scientists know about the flu vaccine? Not much really, in spite of it being used for years. This particular blog is not for the faint hearted.

Immunologists talk about antibodies created against the disease. Immunologists talk about “vaccine safety”. But they rarely talk about REALLY important things!  One reason for that is that they don't understand that there are things they don't know which might actually place huge limits on what they do know.

For those of you who “think”, and like to dig around in the medical literature, here’s some homework.  Yes, it will take you time to work through all of this.  If you don't want to, that's your choice!  But for those who don't want to, I'm not going to hand you the "findings" on a plate.  You either do this yourself, or forget it and stop reading right here.

Here are three articles on Influenza. The first is one which talks about how trivalent influenza vaccines are “safe” for babies from 6 – 12 weeks. It was a study with a placebo. But don’t you think that these brainy people could work out that if they inject DTaP, Hib, PNC, IPV, HepB at the same visits as injecting a placebo on top of that, .... they aren't going to learn anything??? Both groups got a raft of vaccines, and the placebo group got a raft of vaccines plus a placebo?  Yes, the assumption is that all the other vaccines they gave with either the flu vaccine or the placebo, are INERT!!!!!!

The second article is an influenza study on adults, which shows that after ONE influenza vaccine, autoimmunity antibodies can develop or increase in 15% of recipients. Question. What happens if you have influenza vaccines every year? Question. What happens in babies? Answer. They don’t know. After all, this is the first study which has looked at whether or not the influenza vaccine creates autoimmunity antibodies. 

And do other vaccines also create autoimmunity antibodies?  Does the Hep B vaccine? And do vaccines create autoimmunity antibodies in babies?  They don't know. They haven't looked at that.  All they can say is, "We have no evidence that they do", which is easy to say when you've never looked for any.

The third article is about a baby who died, and I’m not going to comment on the article, because if you are on the ball, you will see EXACTLY WHAT I SAW!”

What, exactly, do vaccinologists understand about the difference between a “normal, natural” baby, a baby processed through the medical model, AND how whatever they do might impact on a baby's immune system?  Only what they want to see.

There is a HUGE difference between a developing baby from two systems: the "normal" and the "medical model".... and it’s this difference which is fundamental to some of their ignorance.  Immunologists' ignorance on the many parameters of the developing neonatal immune system, further hampers their understanding of how to properly investigate the "safety" of vaccines.

So let me show you SOME of what that difference is:

Remember when your baby was delivered?

There can be a world of difference to your child, short and long term, depending on whether your child was delivered by the standard obstetricians’ “medical model” and the competent home birth way. Here is this information, in brief.  This paper is incomplete, in that there is more information to go in here, and the references aren’t fully stated ...  but the PMID numbers are there, so look them up on pubmed.  Sure, there can be times when “intervention” saves a baby’s life, but in my opinion, for every intervention there are far more babies whose lives are blighted by the obstetricians'  “arrogance of ignorance”. 

A few of the fundamentals of how a good functioning immune system develops in a baby, are dealt with very briefly in this paper, which was a presentation to doctors in May.

Those are your basic foundations. And yes, they took you days to digest didn’t they?!!!.

There are some amongst the medical profession who do get this.

Unfortunately for us, many of them get out of the medical profession, because they couldn’t handle seeing the consequences of the actions of those who don't understand what “normal” should be…. or how what they do impacts on that. Some struggle on, hoping they can make a difference amongst the madness that surrounds them.

And it's very hard for them, because as a doctor, if you question the “system” you are pilloried, hounded and ostracised.

Just like people who say that the people behind the Copenhagen climate change document overblew the issue.

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