“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

There are no vaccine reactions.

Hilary Butler - Monday, June 14, 2010

How do we know this? Because on page 40 of the June Issue of North and South, Dr Michael Tatley from CARM tells us, “An awfully large number of people have been exposed to vaccines and if they’re as bad as some of the anti lobby are suggesting, there must be a lot of really sick people out there. And we just don’t see them.” No, CARM doesn’t see them, and most of the time, neither do they receive reports about those children, as I mentioned in this blog. Why?

Having worked with so many families with vaccine damaged children, that I’ve lost count, I know how hard it is. In the blog is a statement which explains why I understand some families don’t speak out. They are trying to protect their families, their children, and their privacy. And most of those families do NOT vaccinate from that point on.

But sometimes that can continue, … until it’s too late to speak out.

Because I also keep up to date with a lot of what’s going on, I know what vaccine manufacturers would love to put into the ever increasing vaccine schedule in the future. I also know the policy thinking in the vaccine defenders’ “bunker” with regard to elimination of dissenting voices, though in the past they’ve not been too publicly blatant about it. There are people in the system who tell me what is said, when these people think there is no-one listening.

There are two groups in this country, who want to retain the right to choose not to vaccinate their children:

1) Those with vaccine damaged children, who, whether or not they reported the reaction – know inside themselves, that the vaccines are what did it, and their subsequent unvaccinated children are the healthiest in their family.

2) Families who have made an informed choice to never vaccinated their children, and wish to retain that right.

June 2010 marked a crunch point for me.

If you haven’t read the June issue of North and South, you should.

North & South, openly and clearly said that, to them, there was no other logical, sensible or sane choice, than vaccinating children. The editor went further by anecdotally relating how her husband had rejected the Jehovah’s witness “illogic” and sang the praises of the day he was sensible, by bowing to the alter of science instead. The article is everything vaccine defenders have called for. In-your-face, adamant that vaccine damage doesn’t exist, almost to the point of derisive sneering. Of course, the main cheer-leader was Perry Bisman who said, “You hear all sorts of stories, but that’s all they are. Stories. The evidence just isn’t there.” And more besides. His ignorance is understandable.

It’s also a New Zealand trait, as I mentioned in our second book when discussing the 1982 letter from the medical association where a doctor said, “unfortunately there is a considerable reluctance on the part of most New Zealanders to take responsibility for their own health and the point at which many people seek professional advice is much earlier than overseas.”

In my experience, this is true. Most New Zealand parents have lost a huge body of generational knowledge, not only on what is “normal” and what is not when it comes to children and basic illnesses, but also how to deal with any health issues without going to a doctor as a first option.

When science became the Holy Grail in 1950, most youngsters thought, “What does Granny know anyway?”

When some of the next generation did seek out their Granny, Granny didn’t know what her Granny knew.

The result? Ignorance, naivety, lack of confidence and a belief that only experts have the answers they so desperately need.

Within this context, when vaccines (or whatever) turn to custard, the normal method of dealing with it is withdrawal and silence. Never complain, least of all to your only life line who knows anything – the doctor. Mustn’t offend anyone, or rock the boat. Right?

Furthermore, there are many doctors in this country who know there are problems with vaccines, and all of them keep their mouths shut. Which is understandable. They’ve talked to me, and told me why. At least if they are still in practice, parents have some doctors they can go to without having their ears verbally boxed at every visit. The problem is that medical silence is eventually as bad as parental silence.

To make it worse, CARM stays silent about the reality of the cases they do know about – which contradicts Michael Tatley’s glib comment about “we don’t see them”, and with regards to the ones they don’t know about, it’s the fault of parents who don’t take the steps necessary to furnish proof.


The ogre in the mind’s eye is “fear” of not wanting to be “different”, to upset their doctor or feel isolated from their peers. An unspoken threat of being “shunned”. Their fear is very real, because they have watched in the past, and seen exactly what the exceptionally ignorant and rude NZ public and medical profession say to parents who do speak out.

These are some of the reasons why people like Perry Bisman and Dr Michael Tatley from CARM get away with saying that there is no evidence to all the stories of vaccine damaged people, and that there’s no other way to “health” than vaccines.

Then there is the OTHER group who don’t say much, who have done their research, and decided not to vaccinate themselves or their children.

They have little to say, because - having not vaccinated - they can’t provide any personal proof of vaccine damage or dangers, because their children are just fine! They stay silent for different reasons to those with vaccine damaged children. After all, if another parent finds out your children aren’t vaccinated, what is the first thing you’re likely to hear? “Take your dirty children away from my vaccinated children this minute! They are bug-ridden, and likely to infect and kill my children.”

I kid you not! Never ceases to amaze me but there you are. It’s right there, on the streets and in letters to the editor, from people who can’t see the stupidity and illogic in that, whatsoever. And that’s because over the years, the medical profession has trained the provaccine parents to think that way. In their videos and what they say to provaccine parents, the "health" profession, deliberately and with intent, reinforce that message as a means of social control.

Doctors rarely get to see their mostly healthy unvaccinated-by-choice children, for several reasons.

First, parents who don’t vaccinate, potentially have to run the gauntlet of disapproving reception and nursing staff, and then negotiate a torrent of abuse from doctors who disapprove of their choice!

Second, parents who chose not to vaccinate, don’t usually need to take their children to doctors.

Most unvaccinated children rarely get sick, and if they do, those parents have usually “up-skilled” and rediscovered the generationally lost information, and are more than adequate at dealing with illness. So about the only time that most unvaccinated children might be seen is as a result of an accident. And even then, the parents might think twice, because you run the gauntlet of abuse at every turn, about not having had tetanus shots etc, ad nauseum.

Therefore, doctors actually have no idea that there is a very large group of incredibly healthy unvaccinated children out there, simply because “out of sight, is out of mind”. Their time, naturally, is spent dealing with children who are either sick or vaccinating them. And… probably ........  both at once!

So what do we hear at a grassroots grapevine level from any group with concerns? Not much.

What else might contribute to silence?

Up until 2010, most people in BOTH groups – the vaccine damaged, and the non-vaccinators by choice, have relied on a few people like myself, or groups like the IAS, to be there for them, or to represent them, and perhaps even feel that our existence protects them. Well it doesn’t.

What would happen if, one day, we all mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth?

What is not appreciated is:

1) I’m no longer a 20 year old spring chicken. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and would like to know just who will carry on from me, if or when I decide to put the reins down. Others may wonder this too.

2) IAS is suffering from similar but different issues, and since I’m not part of IAS, I can’t speak for them. But if you want to know whether or how they would like help, contact them!

If you – anyone - want to retain the democratic right to make informed choices with regard to immunization, what are YOU going to do, to put into place the proof the system requires, that there is a problem? (Not that the system actually believes proof, even when it smacks them between the eyes!)

What are you going to do, to make the rest of the public aware that there are serious issues of choice out there, which both the government and the medical profession would like to remove from your control when its “politically correct” enough to do so?

Do you know the current vaccination schedule?

  • Can you answer questions on what all the current vaccines are, and which diseases they are aligned with?
  • Could you describe those diseases yourself?
  • Have you on hand, information which could prove to your neighbor, that vaccination is a choice and NOT compulsory?
  • Could you advise a person how to take their family off the National Immunisation Register?
  • Could you tell them the school regulations with regard to vaccination?
  • If someone asks you why you don’t vaccinate, can you answer that without thinking, “Who can I ask to do this for me?”
  • Do you have a prepared set of logical questions you can ask someone who does vaccinate, why they vaccinate?
  • Do you know enough to confidently walk tall and hold your head high, and hold your own in discussions with your peers? If not, why not?
  • How will your growing children understand what you’ve done and why you have done it, if you can’t update your information and educate them as they grow up?
  • How will you teach your children how to research and make choices for themselves?

Have your taught your children that information that some intelligent grannies once knew, and which works?

You can’t assume schools "educate" children, because by allowing vaccination programmes to be administered in schools, the education curriculum endorses and sanctifies vaccination without question, and teachers willingly teach the provaccine point of view to children as often as they can. Children aren’t taught anything more than the “need-to-know-information” which scares them witless so that they run home and say to mum, “Sign the yes column now, before I die!”

(If you want educated children, take them out of school, but that's another issue altogether....)

If you are looking to me to continue “the good work” and if your reasons for doing nothing are because you want to protect yourself from badmouthing from other people, and that daily life is a grind for anyone who is different, then you need to ask yourself whether that will work for you, or against you, in both the short and long term.

Every time anyone – a doctor, or parent does nothing, or remains silent, (even to your own children) when you could have done or said something, – even just to have a reaction reported – then you are loading more ammunition into CARM’s or North & South artillery. You silence or inaction, gives vaccine defenders their ultimate dismissal of your position. 

The position of right to choose, and right to dissent, will not be respected until we, as a whole, respect our own position ourselves, and publicly. Right now, the media portrays the few voices they mention, as a tiny minority of nutters.

The current position of socially accepted aggressiveness towards those who don’t vaccinate, has resulted from apathy, as well as the vaccine defenders (or as they call themselves - "the stakeholders" ) applying pressure on everyone, which is starting to create a “divide, silence and rule” mentality. 

Strangely enough in this electronic age, the fundamentals of the divide and conquer mentality of the medical profession taps into, is the age old, "Flat earther, don't think, and don't investigate, stupid" mentality which created a society which did not encourage either dissent, or thinking. This is beautifully illustrated in the latest Ministry of Health Immunisation DVD, which takes pride of place on my bookshelf, as an example of flat-earther mentality. Go watch it and be gobsmacked! Nothing has changed.  The majority then, thought the majority view had to be right, and the majority now, think the same thing, for the same reasons.

Anyone in any doubt of that with relation to medical history, should read Oliver Wendell Holmes 1855 essay on Puerperal Fever. (scroll up until you get to the start) All his colleagues were set against him, and wrote atrocious lies about him, and his ideas.  Only later when Lister came along, and all the old guard protecting their malpractice had died in their contemptuous ignorance, was progress made.Dr Holmes though, became so disillusioned with the stupidity of the "experts", that he walked away from medicine, which was his forte, to write sadly mediocre novels and poetry!

North and South can maintain, until the cows come home, that there is no debate.  They are wrong.  Just as the flat earthers were wrong in Wendell Holmes's day.  One day, maybe, future generations will look back and wonder just how the flat-earthers of 2010 got away with it.  The same way as in every other era. 

Having convictions, doing the right thing, and being prepared personally, isn’t difficult. Yes, standing up and speaking out is.  Finding key information doesn’t require any more effort than a serious high school assignment, done bit piece, as time passes. Being prepared does require convictions, and for people to act on those convictions. The price of continual silence, and not being prepared to walk the talk, now and in the future, could be exceedingly high. 

Much higher than in Wendell Holmes's day.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

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