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Hilary Butler - Sunday, July 24, 2011

Further to yesterday’s blog, the latest Lancet once again, misses the point. Something inevitable with Mr Fog-Optics in his Ivory Tower. In his latest contribution to the debate, called The Vaccine Paradox,  a two pronged attack-approach is taken. First, those who dare criticise or question vaccines are vilified by implication. Second, Bill Gates’ Foundation is fingered for silence about what Horton considers is really important.

In order to define what is "important", Horton quotes the “2010 Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health”, saying;

“Ban Ki-moon’s 2010 Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health sets out a comprehensive approach to reaching Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 for the world’s poorest countries. The strategy is broad, inclusive, and ambitious.”

Have a read of the 2010 Global Strategy. Frankly, it’s not broad enough - and certainly doesn’t include the really important political and social needs for a stable, healthy society.

But Horton goes further. He says;

“While civil-society movements demand access to new interventions—from antiretrovirals to emergency obstetric care—there is not the same fervour about access to vaccines. The notion, expressed elsewhere in global health, of the right to the highest attainable standard of health is rarely expressed in the field of vaccines. For these attitudes to change, the vaccine community, together with its partners, has an opportunity to rewrite the terms of engagement between vaccines (as part of a larger package of services) and communities threatened with vaccine-preventable diseases. While the past has much to teach us, it is the future of vaccines that must command our priority today.”

This has to be the biggest load of blinded drivel I’ve ever seen written on paper, but it’s what you expect from medical journals whose editors walk in lockstep with, and who are joined at the hip to vaccine manufacturers. Vaccine manufacturers can never “get enough”. It’s not enough, that vaccines are rammed down all parents “throats” from the moment a doctor opens his mouth. It's not enough that families in Africa have no choice about vaccines, and they are administered pretty much at gun point.

The fact is that even in New Zealand, the medical system is incapable of being neutral, open or factual on the issues of vaccines. Not IMAC, the Ministry of Health, nor any of the vaccine defenders who crave 100% uptake of everything on the list, and yet to come.

The fact is that in New Zealand, and every other country in the world, parents are held to ransom by what are known in the industry and by the Ministry of Health, as “stakeholders”. Put bluntly, “stakeholders” means all the people who have everything to gain from needling every child on the face of the earth.

Here is a recent example of what I mean. It’s not enough that the New Zealand vaccination schedule has changed the pneumococcal vaccine from Prevnar to Synflorix. It’s not enough that doctors are told by MOH of that fact. What does it say to you, though, when Synflorix’s manufacturer, Glaxo Smith Kline, has written personally to every medical practice in the country providing them with glossy material advertising that fact, and what do you see in that information? Don't tell me that the MOH asked them to do it, because they have run out of money!  Blatantly, for all to see in the wording here,...GSK and all the other manufacturers, work from the same room, sing the same tune, and scratch each other’s back.

And the same thing happened before PREVNAR was introduced. Have a look at this presentation to doctors, called Project Smile, which was to have been part of the ‘train the trainer” material, made by the manufacturers of Prevnar, before that vaccine came out. Look at the strategies suggested here. The only reason that this "resource" never made it to it's intended destination, was because it was leaked to the media.

According to an MOH email dated August 28, 2007, the purpose of this was:

An email has been sent to all members of the Stakeholder Group requesting that
the research is not to be forwarded onto anyone else.....The research in question was limited and qualitative which meant it was based on opinion rather than fact and designed to give a flavour of what these groups are thinking. It was intended to encourage discussion and to assist in our own planning to promote the upcoming National Immunisation Schedule change.

This presentation, reflect the thoughts and agendas of all the stakeholders to this day.

I will believe that Ban Ki-moon and Richard Horton will have something meaningful, or serious to say about what real priorities are, when they actually talk about dealing with those things which are the REAL key determinants of whether or not mothers and children throughout the world have an equitable and healthy future. Those things are similar world wide, and include being educated enough to understand all the information, and being allowed to make informed choices about what they will and will not allow governments and medical authorities to foist upon their children.

I'll believe they really have the interests of families at heart, when they talk about these things:

In the countries targeted by GAVI, the main things working against productive family life are :

....deafforestation; corruption; insurgents, terrorists; political cronyism; political incompetence; tribal warfare; pirates of all forms; religious fundamentalism and as importantly, famine AID which has created dependency and a hand out mentality. Without those things being dealt with, all that happens is that children “saved by vaccines” become the new cannon-fodder and playthings of the corrupt bigots responsible for so much of what is wrong in those countries. What families need, are the education, skills and tools to grow their own food, have their own small businesses, have access to clean water, a wide range of foods, good sanitation and even “humanure” facilities to turn their waste into productive fertile soil. There is so much potential out there, unfulfilled, because it doesn’t fit in with preconceived ideas. Like ultilising condensation,  basic safe water collection and the Whisson Windmill which uses air, to produce power, to produce water ...  Some of his other ideas are expensive and unworkable, which he recognises... but his philosophy is worth considering http://www.abc.net.au/austory/specials/windmills/default.htm (watch the full programme Windmill in the last part of the programme... from 17 minutes.) These kind of nutters will be the real people with the real solutions. The rejected Semellweis's of the world.  Yet not one government, aid agency, or university is perfecting these ideas.

And if you ask yourself “why?”, what answer do you get?

My answer is that... they don’t want to, because water, means life.

In the countries we consider “developed”, the things which need to be dealt with are:

..... deafforestation and deliberate land degredation, especially that committed by the commercial chemical forestry and agri-sector. WALL ST, big businesses particularly those making a fortune out of empty foods (and those others mentioned by Dr Whisson at the start of the interview - see the video), manipulated seeds, and unnecessary consumerism to the enth degree – including that promoted by Microsoft itself. One of the most important groups which needs reigning in, are the ultra rich string-pulling financiers, who pushed people into loans they never should have taken; who have plundered money from tax-payer bail-outs yet their profits are at a record highs. Take a long hard look at all the well-heeled people who pay themselves obscene salaries, yet hold their lower and middle class employees to ransom with inadequate wages. The investers, who have left so many retirees bankrupt yet continue to live the life of Riley. The banks, who charge the poor exhorbitant fees, and the rich, no fees at all. The loan sharks who charge exhorbitant interest rates, and all those who right now, across the world, collectively appear to be rubbing their hands and plotting yet another financial crash for their own ends, which will primarily ruin people who did nothing to deserve it, and who are unjustified collateral. Those of our politicians, who consider photo-opportunities their main occupation in life, all the while planning to rip yet more money from those who can least afford to hand it over.

And Horton thinks that vaccines should be pushed even more!  That's his premium priority?!!!!.

He really does live in the rich man's lala land.

Add into the mix, agricultural companies like Monsanto, who even un undeveloped countries, take to court anyone who is found unknowingly growing crops which were wind pollinated with Monsanto GE seeds, and couldn't care less that thousands of Indian farmers in debt to them, commit suicide every year. The burgeoning of monoculture agriculture, which will be the "end" of not just bananas, but plant species diversity in rice, corn and many other plants.  As Dr Whisson states though not in these words..., big business is raping the planet.

What about the massive increase in stupid rules and burgeoning regulations in the developed world, which are quite unnecessary, and cost a fortune – in building, agriculture and just about every walk of life. Red tape and governmental bureaucracy has taken on a self-perpetuating and needless “life” of it’s own, and expands daily in order to justify and ensure it’s own continued existence.

Dealing with all these, are the things which are important to equitable and healthy families. Not technocentric solutions at the end of a needle.

But by the time Horton, Ban Ki-moon and Bill Gates actually "get" the things that are really important ... it will be too late. And everyone with eyes to see, will realise that vaccines are an empty promise that guzzled thousands of trillions of dollars – money which could actually have solved many of these real problems, and other more important medical issues.... long ago.

Which leads to the ultimate question really.  Why can none of these people see the wood for the trees.

Or can they - and do they chose not to?  And if so, who paid them to be that way?

What other reasons can there be for ignoring the blindingly obvious? 

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