“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Blaming Muggins

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part One: Words from Memory Lane.

Part Two: Who controls the rhetoric?

Part Three: The name of the game.

Part Four: The get out of jail card. 

As I look at young mothers today, I see a generation who, like never before, have been so saturated with medical nocebo in school, ....  that fear and stress is often etched on their faces at the mention of the word “doctor”. They have been artfully brainwashed. You just have to read some of the things they say on facebook and twitter to realise that when it comes to fact, if you look in the right ear, you might see out the left. They are so frightened, that as this video so clearly shows, that FEAR switches off their critical faculties, and the word “expert” holds them in a blinded thrall.

People like myself helping blind-sided parents, who felt betrayed because they weren’t told any of the information which was in the medical literature, started campaigning for informed consent – which actually, we still don’t have in this country, today.  Oh they say we do, but that's another mirage of smoke and mirrors.

I had a telephone call two days ago, from a mother who recently went with another mother to a 6-week baby visit, as support. The doctor said the only information the mother needed was the official pamphlet, (which said nothing). When the support mother asked for the vaccine datasheets, they were refused. If looks could kill, she’d be dead. And when the doctor informed the mother that there had been no vaccine reaction of any form – even mild ones like site inflammation - in the last 40 years in that practice - she missed the fact that the support person, whose son had a serious ACC accepted reaction, was vaccinated right in that room.

And if that baby’s mother hadn’t known and seen that evidence of that with her own eyes before that visit, how would she have known that the doctor was lying, and withholding information?   When the doctor thought that the support person was out of earshot, she asked, “And who has been poisoning you against vaccination?” The mother now has all the datasheets, and the MoH Immunisation handbook, and isn’t that the LEAST that mothers should have access to?

So in order to fix a situation the medical profession has created (because of the huge numbers of drugs and vaccines which didn’t exist when their use of nocebo to control patients started), they must find a solution to get rid of any talk of side effects, direct effects, or nasty effects, which are currently brushed off as "coincidence".

Who better to blame than the patient? If you shift the blame from the drug to the patient, you can keep sales steady and muddy the waters completely. Since young mothers have already accepted and become brainwashed by the first lot of nocebo-crafted fear and lies, blaming them for reactions, should be easy enough.

But ..... there is a problem blaming patients.

People who --- at the slightest whiff of information --- suddenly present with drug reactions (or polio!!!!), don’t like being told that they are neurotic hypochondriacs,

There is an even bigger problem really, because even today, MOST PEOPLE who have drug reactions, are never told about drug reactions before they had the drug reaction, which right there,...nullifies the current desire to use the nocebo excuse and blame the parents.  And of course, no-one can "prove" they weren't told either, so it's easy to simply brush that aside as "lies". 

“Worried Sick” described, as the story’s foundation, the New Zealand introduction of a cheaper generic thyroid hormone drug called Eltroxin. As the story tells it, within months, side effects of lethargy, joint pain, depression, eye pain, itching and nausea, started tricking in. By the following summer, the rate of side effects had risen 2,000-fold.

According to “Worried Sick” the side effects increased in the June of the second year, because TV stations had begun reporting side effects. Where there was most news coverage, there was the most side effects reported. The reason? There was “perhaps a little social persuasion at play” and “patients were a victim of the nocebo effect”.

See, New Zealanders are stupid hypochondriacs.  Not only that, but they are totally gullible, and can't think for themselves, and the persuasion of their peers caused all the problems.  Which might be true for some, but  I wonder how they all feel about being labelled as hypochondriacs ( or is that "manipulated idiots"), in an American publication?

Because the last thing the medical profession wants, is for people to take offence, “Worried Sick” softens the blow by describing studies which show that “It is a real biochemical and physiological process involving pain and stress pathways in the brain.” They described the results when patients were told doctors had observed more pain during anal distentions, and the outcomes were a “20% increase in pain ratings among patients who had been told that doctors had observed an increase in pain sensitivity in response to repeated distensions”.

The article is littered with other comments like, “hippocampus lit up when people experienced pain from a sham acupuncture device” andexpectation of pain can induce anticipatory anxiety triggered by elevated cholecystokinin” and “when exposed to faces associated with high pain levels even without conscious awareness, the volunteers felt more pain. We were really surprised. We couldn’t believe it actually.”

“Fear and distress before an operation has been associated with slow post-operative recovery and wound healing”

So here they lay “proof positive” – scientific “fact”.  But YOU are still a hypochondriac,... just with "real" symptoms as a result of your imagination.  And the implication is that if you understand the basis of your own hypochondria, you can stop it happening by telling your imagination to shut up.

So the sanitised term is now "patient peculiarities", not the drugs, the procedures or anything else  But their solution just might shoot them in both feet, because they are assuming that people won't see through the weasel-words and the manipulation motives.....

To be continued
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