“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Wacky ideas and Junk - don't write them off.


Wacky ideas and Junk - don't write them off. 

Associations of ideas, thought-patterns, mind-ramblings, getting side-tracked or even day dreaming can be common experiences and are quite fascinating.  No doubt such terminology means something to “experts” with specialities ending in … oologist, or chiatrist or whatever!  But for me they often mean sparks that ignite the fires of imagination and inspiration.  Even revelation!!

I was thinking about my “friend” Heath – the nick-name for my resident web creator.  Years ago, I became intrigued by the real Heath Robinson (1872-1944) who became well known for his book illustrations, especially when he developed the humorous, complex, yet inspired “contraptions” for which he is best remembered today.  Often some of these drawings were used in school text books, for one reason or another, and I became a great admirer of his talents.  Some years ago, I tried to locate some of his illustrations and the local library was unable to find very much for me.  I tried again recently and imagine my surprise when the librarian discovered that the library had a copy of a recently published book called “Heath Robinson Contraptions”, edited by Geoffrey Beare, (pub. Duckworth Overlook, 2007) – a collection of nearly 200 of his illustrations.  Anyone familiar with Heath’s talents will no doubt be able to identify with an expression I often use: “I shall have to consult Heath!”

Do you collect junk?  By junk, I mean all those interesting bits and pieces that should never be thrown away because if you keep them long enough you’ll find a use for them.  Consulting Heath, simply means that many difficulties and problems can be solved without having to resort to the replacement philosophy of today where everything, it seems, is not worth repairing.  Buy another; the latest model or version must be better!  Sometimes maybe, but there’s an awful amount of life left in items consigned to the rubbish dumps which an odd screw, length of wire, or ingenious modifications would have been able to resurrect.

Spider webs can be marvels of engineering skill.  Threads that are amazingly strong.  Construction beauty that is awesome when lit up by the sun’s rays glistening on drops of moisture so delicately placed on the silver strands.  Damage from the previous day can produce an overnight miracle in creative web design so long as the spider persists.

Pete’s ponderings go beyond the internet web.  Webs devoid of conformity can be crafted as thought associations are allowed creative uniqueness.  The sparks that light the fires of conviction sometimes need a “Heath” to craft them into a shape and form that is functional, yet on the surface appears to be so fragile and tenuous.  The pondering created can often only be acted upon out of the mould.  There the usually conformed mindsets have a chance to fly free.

As I have browsed through Heath Robinson’s contraptions, I thought, “There should be a copy of this book in every doctor’s waiting room.  Some of those looking at it might suddenly ‘see’ things they haven’t seen before.”  A Heath Robinson illustration can portray the absurdity of so much that is the systemization of society.  Far too often we do things because the “system says” and we follow along quite blindly without asking any questions as to why we’re doing it, and how ludicrous it is.  If nothing else, the browsing should produce plenty of chuckles.  Being cheerful keeps you healthy, but it is ‘slow death’ to be gloomy and inactive all the time.