“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

It will always be choices that make you different.

Yes you saw right!  We’re just getting in first. 

We make no apology for quoting a verse from the Bible.  After all it is from the world’s best seller!

And yes, God’s name is mentioned, but we figured that as so many people use His name in everyday life, at a pretty personal level – like “Oh my God”, and “Lord knows”, and “Jeez” – that our relationship with our heavenly Dad shouldn’t worry you too much.  We won’t be ramming the Bible and God down your throat. If you’ve read our books, e.g. JALP chapter 79, and FOPTA chapter 88, you’ll know something about our decidedly different perspective which has led to a living beyond conformity lifestyle.  We try not to stumble into ruts or get squeezed by moulds.  The world systems do not put out signs to warn the unwary, but from our experiences, helping people in any way possible to come out of, and remain out of, moulds, is a high priority for us.  When mindsets are dealt with, the resulting transformations will be lifestyle changing.  It will be a metamorphosis – the same as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – but then, you need to want this sort of change to happen.  If you’ve got other ways of answering your questions and dealing with life’s problems then you probably won’t be interested in anything we have to say.

Now let’s get down to the real nitty gritty.

There’s no escaping the fact that if you entertain any thoughts about non-conformity options to any aspect of lifestyle, you have to be prepared to be different, and that means you will be going against the flow of the majority.  There are always “costs” associated with this.
In “The Great Divide” allegorical story contained within the pages of FOPTA, the degree to which the great divide manifests itself, is determined by the Mindset Mountains, and those mindsets (which we all have in one form or another) are the result of who we have been listening to, what we have read, and the extent to which we have been a sponge with regard to all the input that our thinking processes have to cope with.  The world’s moulds are operating all the time.  Gentle, lulling sounds to begin with, but if any resistance is encountered, the pressure increases.

To overcome its power to achieve the moulding process, it is imperative to jump clear before the point of no return is reached.  Or if you wish to change the allegory, think of the frog sitting in the pot, quite oblivious to its fate, being slowly boiled to death!

Each one of us has been created with the ability to exercise free will – to our benefit or to our detriment.  Sitting on the fence is a hazardous occupation, like teetering on the brink of a chasm exposed to those who are forever trying to change our minds about what we believe, by telling us something “new” or different, or cleverly lying so that it sounds like the truth.  The winds of public opinion can be gale force at times – hard to stand against. 

The “come out of the mould” section can offer a perspective which is valid, and a solid foundation for us, but we cannot make it so for you.  You have to make a choice based on convictions that will empower you with the confidence to “come out”, or “jump”, from the mould.  When old mindsets have been put to death, and new life-changing ones have taken their place the world’s inputs will still be there.  The pressure from the world’s moulds will still be seeking to suck you in, and the systems and structures of society will still employ the subtle strategies designed to assure and secure you!

The battle for the mind never ceases.  We hope we can help you chose your weapons carefully and to wield them effectively.