“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2



Before you read this, can you please read “Getting to know Peter,” and “What to expect from Pete’s ponderings” on the main “Out of the Mould” page again, as well as It will Always be Choices that make you Different”.

These sections were written in 2008. Six years later, have they changed at all?

No they haven’t changed to any great extent.

Are they still applicable?

Most emphatically THEY ARE!

And herein lies the point I wish to make. To do so we often use the technique of repetition, looking for ways to rearrange words that appear different, but in actual fact convey the same message.

This technique can be justified if you are not sure who has read previous “pages” and who have not.

At this juncture I am going to assume that the introductory segments to “Out of the Mould” have been thoroughly read and understood. If these are not fully understood, “Out of the Mould” will probably appear to be a series of disconnected ramblings.

So please stop. Read. Study. Re-read … for as long as you need to.

Another aspect that also has to be grappled with is the significance and implications of living beyond conformity. At best, it will more than likely involve costs in the way we live and make decisions. At worst it could be a shrug of dismissal.

I have written about “Voices, Choices and Consequences.” How do we deal with these on a daily basis?

A General Election is only a few weeks away. Politicians, party policies, promises and “dirty politics” coupled with out-bidding, priorities and the integrity stakes – all lily white? And what about the huge manipulating power of vested interests, and personal gain if you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare? We can wrestle with these things and be on the end of the world-systems clobbering machines, or we can lie down and be walked over.

I believe that all of the lifestyle-related facets above have to be thought through very carefully, not forgetting the ability to read between the lines (something which cannot be over emphasised.)

Hopefully, action will follow. But what will it be? This is the crunch!

Will any resolve be snatched away?

Will any initial intention be watered down until it is almost dissolved to nothing?

The strategies used to achieve this “write off” are many and varied as other “Out of the Mould” articles have sought to identify. I am not saying anything new here, but have the old basics set out in 2008 ever been registered in your thinking?

It is the taking action that requires the “guts”. Often the longer term implications seem too much to bear. They’re plain horrible. But one step at a time is often the better way to go.

Out of the Mould seeks to offer as much positive encouragement as possible:

Reading Sections 58, 59 and 60 could provide a few links to spark and sustain further action while you await Peter’s next lot of ponderings