“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2



10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO! …. BLASTOFF!! 

With such an original countdown, what is going to blast off?! 


What is bottled up within my normal, placid, polite and tactful little self, must be released!!  It is time to be blunt.  

As I don’t know who will read this missive “missile” I cannot be accused of aiming it at anyone in particular!  It is well said that if you don’t have a target, you can guarantee not to hit anything!  I am sure, however, that there is no shortage of “targets”.  They are just unidentifiable to me, for the reason mentioned above. 

OUT OF THE MOULD consists of quite a few pertinent comments.  To understand something of my frustrations (and Hilary’s too) these articles (or postings) need to be read not just looked at. 

Using feedback as a measuring rod, I have to ask these questions.. 

Does anyone ever read them?  (See “Just Wondering…” )

How many people know how to use the skills of reading between the lines? (See “It’s Quite an Eye-opener!”  ) 

How many people are sufficiently convinced about an issue, or issues, that they are prepared to stick their necks out? (See “Really? Truly?! What About Anyway? and “A Faith-full Invitation”  )

How many people are unashamed to be classified as Different Ones?  (See “Over My Dead Body” /out-of-the-mould/over-my-dead-body as well as being touched on in many others.)

How many are prepared to take the time, and make the effort, to keep thinking through an allegorical story such as “The Great Divide” (mentioned on “Out of the Mould” main page, and used in an edited format on “From One Prick to Another.”)

How many people would be prepared to use the little booklet “When does a Niggle become a Naggle?”  (See “Life’s More than a Riddle”  )

How many people own a telephone and know how to use it?! (See “Rubbish! They will say”  and others. )

So if feedback, or lack of it, is the measuring rod, what is the answer to all the questions above (and others that could be asked as a result of all that has been written in “OUT OF THE MOULD”? )

The answers would be “NO” or “NONE”!!!

Such silence is anything but encouraging.

I have been “blasting off” about seeming lack of input from the “Out of the Mould” section of the website.  Hilary receives plenty of input and this occupies huge amounts of her time, and the “workload” increases as requests come from all over the world.  You could say that this is the “penalty” of being well known, and well versed, as a result of so many years of research and experience.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that Hilary and I often talk about ways by which we can incorporate each days’ requests for assistance, etc, into a lifestyle which is meaningful and enjoyable for both of us (See “Lifestyle labels”  and our books.) as part of our commitment to the RRMT. We do receive from time to time sincere expressions of appreciation from people on the receiving end of the Trust, for which we are grateful.

However, there seem to be very few who are prepared to actually become informed enough to actively promote the issues the RRMT represents.  Sometime ago, we felt it was essential to increase the number of Trustees.  The search produced no one outside our family, willing to commit to this.  The need still exists.

There are frequent requests to speak to groups throughout New Zealand.  To do so in a sensible, economic way would involve us being away from our property for varying periods of time.  How wonderful it would be if there were others who were passionate about the health matters that are part of the Trust’s identity who could step in as property sitters!  (We have plenty of room to accommodate motor homes.)

Apart from a moral obligation to Dr Robert Reisinger to continue his work, we are committed to the issues which are becoming more and more like juggernauts.  Many parents and families do have real needs, and the cries for help are becoming more and more heart-rending, but there is a shortage of people, time and resources who can respond to those who need it.  The issues we are passionate about extend far beyond those of vaccination and related health matters.

During 2009 – 2010 we were heavily involved with another specific local issue, which required people to make a choice and to act on that conviction.  That should sound familiar!!  What have we been finding out?  That while there is a core of people prepared to commit themselves to “fighting for the cause”, there is the usual apathy, confusion and “fence sitting” amongst what can only be described as the silent many.  And after weeks of hard slog, it is difficult to assess how many are really prepared to support you in the “battle”?  Going through the motions, making the right-sounding noises, and talking plenty of fighting-talk is no guarantee that good intentions will not melt away when the heat is turned on.  The chairman of a public meeting we attended recently turned to the politician responsible for implementing the government’s agenda, and said words to this effect:  “This audience has left you in no doubt about what they are demanding.  They will not go away!” We would like to think so, but…?

The opposition for all of us, when we are called to stick our necks out, may appear formidable and overwhelming.

A question will always hang over us in such situations:  Will we go away, or will we stand firm?  Will it be excuses or endorsement?

For us there is no option.  There are extremely important messages to spread abroad. They are life-saving in more ways than one.  Yet so many people of all ages are being wooed to take their places in comfortable little moulds fashioned by the faces who represent the systems of this world, each personalized with a name and numbers.

The mind-sets have to be broken somehow. 

Perhaps we have to do something that has never been done before.  Maybe crawl on our hands and knees from North Cape to the Bluff!!  You know – Yertle the Turtle like, SYNO and GO!!!! (See FOPTA chapter 71)

So much for this blast off.  The pressure is building for another soon! I can feel it.