“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2


You may have noticed that this website’s home page has recently undergone a few changes. “Out of the Mould” has an addition to encourage those who may wish to indulge in its words of wisdom!

You know, the world produces moulds of every conceivable category, and the manufacturer makes them ever so comfortable and user-friendly! The subtleness with which people are squeezed into them is all part of the design features incorporated into the shape required for the finished product.

The “voices” inviting occupancy are usually so persuasive that “choice” seems to occur automatically.

You and I or anyone else, cannot come out of a mould unless we are aware that we are in one.

The world will try to convince us that we’re not.

It will go to great lengths to identify “those who don’t fit” society’s enlightened thinking, as trouble-makers, even terrorists!!!!

The sooner we realise that Mindsets are a type of mould the more we should be on our guard.

There is a “pressing” need for more and more people to come OUT OF THE MOULD(S); to come out of the comfort zones we have been inveigled to be in.

As I pen these lines, I have in mind several past contributions to Out of the Mould; e.g., “Voices and Choices” and “A Blessing or a Curse”. They identify issues which are always with us, and probably present us with more questions than answers.

Recently, I sat down to try and capture some thoughts which I considered important and which could shed more light on what lies behind many problems with which people who contact us are grappling. After filling nearly thirty pages with my neatest scrawl, I came to the conclusion that although what I wanted to say was all so clearly in my head, it had not been transferred satisfactorily to paper. Material not wasted, but not useable for the time being.

But the mind keeps on ticking over, and the daily input from other people and various other sources can add fuel to the fires that smoulder within. All that’s required is a spark in the right place at the right time and the smoulder becomes a blaze, and the sparks will have opportunity to keep flying!

I won’t try to explain all the details, but in place of the thirty odd pages, the following may provide some encouragement with which to cope with ... voices, choices.... AND the resultant consequences – not only for you, but for us too.

Two words wouldn’t go away: WHO’S RIGHT?

“Who’s right, what?” you might ask.

“It can apply to so many lifestyle issues,” would be my reply. “No area is exempt.”

As I have said above, all the voices that impact on our lives will be representative of every conceivable category – past, present and future. As someone said to me the other day, you can Google for just about anything. The technology of the tomorrow, whilst mind boggling, is also frightening. It represents voices, choices, and consequences. And with the “complicated” comes “specialization”.

Expertise is required.

That means EXPERTS! (Or should it be more appropriately written as “X” spurts?)

And if we’re not one of those experts, we are unqualified!! What we say will probably be ignored because we don’t count!!

Are you an “expert”?

Am I an “expert”?

What makes an expert anyway?

Could it be that you’ll only be regarded as an “expert” if .....  you fit the systems of this world?

How important is common sense? Or life’s experiences? Or study, or skills which don’t come with a piece of paper attached?

Or what about the value of the school of hard knocks?

How many “voices” bombarding us every day are really those of so-called “experts”?

Or when they’re put under the spotlight is it really only “opinion”?

So what makes them think they’re RIGHT?

Choice will be made on how each “voice” is tested. Please be aware that a string of letters after a person’s name, or a high position in some organization, association, society, government department, or whatever, can be used to intimidate – all part of the squeezing pressures.

Can all those sorts of things accommodate every unique individual’s circumstances and needs with nice, “easy” pat answers?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep on saying it: NO IT CAN’T!

So back to those two words:


Let’s not be too ready to be classified as dummies!

There will be some people who will say, “Peter, will you just shut up!”

My reply is, “No! I can’t. It is a voice that must be heard. It is your choice as to whether you listen or not.”

There are certainly plenty of people out there, in many parts of the world who are saying, “Hilary, will you shut up. You are undermining the system that we say keeps people healthy. You are putting societal health at risk ... blah blah!”

Hilary’s reply is “No! I can’t. My voice must be heard if young children, teens and adults are to be spared the risks of side-effects and long-term damage of drug and vaccines users.”

The Truth has to be told!

At this point I would encourage you to read (or re-read!) “Will it do any good?” because the work of the RRMT will be undergoing some changes which will impact on priorities and lifestyle, and hopefully reduce the stress of having to continually spend hours of time re-iterating answers to individuals asking similar questions. There are only so many hours in a day; and how long is a lifetime?

In one section of the unedited version of “THE GREAT DIVIDE” I mention the frequency with which two words are often found together:

IF .... THEN.

The IF infers that there is a choice to be made.

The THEN infers that there is a consequence to that choice.

This association is reinforced in nature. Whatever is sown is what will be reaped; and periods of rest and recuperation are essential e.g. fallow ground, sabbatical leave, etc. 

Hilary and I will – must – continue to be voices, whether we’re told to shut up or not!

As in a number of other “Out of the Mould” articles, this latest contribution will require some reading between the lines! I am not prepared to amplify that statement, apart from saying that all the material contained in JALP and FOPTA and on the websites we run, has not been fully absorbed by the majority of readers. It has probably been used selectively. If you have any queries about these comments, the telephone is the instrument to use!! Just ask for Pete!!!

And by the way, be continually on the watch for the beguiling purveyors of moulds.

I use the word beguiling, deliberately, because the moulds can be described in so many ways. For example, consider the following synonyms:

  • attractive
    misleading, and so on.

But even when you’ve been “persuaded” to choose the most suitable “fashion” available for your comfort and “peace of mind” it is never too late to struggle free. It may well be harder though, especially when a complete, whole-of-life, consistent lifestyle is the ultimate goal. Nothing less only invites feet-in-the-door for the peddling of the latest conforming mindsets – form-fitting, fleecy-lined, with a pillow of synthetically-blended “truth” that will ensure “expert” support services for every situation. No need to worry your little heads about anything!

Yeah RIGHT!!!

Read the label’s list of ingredients with your own eyes (and ears!) To be conned into allowing yourself to be placed in a mould may have serious consequences for you and/or your family.

Um ... ah ... Another word has just started humping around in my mind – GULLIBILITY! The association is understandably appropriate. But I’ve said enough – for the moment – so I’ll leave you to figure out whether or not the warning lights have started up again, .... and if you’ll heed them.