“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2


Yes, It’s me again. Peter Butler. IT has gone, not me! For this to make sense you’ll need to read on!

I have no idea how many people read these “words of wisdom”, but I do know there is at least one person who does, because I have been asked why the writings seem to have tailed off a bit.

I shall endeavour to rectify this deficiency!!

“Out of the Mould” has always been a little different from Hilary’s Desk. It has sought to escape the moulds of conformity, but also to encourage lifestyles that are not only uniquely different, but lifestyles that are also consistent in values and standards. Double standards can so easily creep in without our realising how damaging these can be.

Contributions to Out of the Mould have been many and varied, and I believe contain much food for thought. The big question is: How many readers want to make the effort of reading between the lines? To join the dots? (Do they even see them?!) And then, the important follow-up question. Are mindsets being questioned and if so, what changes will occur?

This process is also applicable to “The Great Divide”, copies of which are available free for the asking. Yes, I know that some people could be put off by the “Christian” flavour or perspective that characterises this allegorical story. It mentions:

The Called Out Ones.
The Chosen Ones,
The Come-out Ones,
The Different Ones (D’Different Ones in “From One Prick to Another”)
The Christ-in Ones.

As I wrote in the last chapter of FOPTA (pages 510 – 515), I make no apology for this, as every reader is free to make their own choices. Most people will be able to fit into one of the five descriptive names just mentioned above, in one way or another! I have found from experience that many so-called “Christians” can often be amongst one’s fiercest critics or opponents, and the allegorized nature of The Great Divide has quite a bit to say about this!

Living beyond conformity can be very threatening to some people’s security, and the facts they read about, are often written off as being of no value, because there has been no attempt to check out what lies below the surface veneer.

So, as a completely computer-illiterature “voice” asks, how does “Out of the Mould” get on to www.beyondconformity.org.nz?

Consider these highly technological steps:

The pressure within the mind rises to the point where a pen is activated.

The bottled up thoughts are scribbled on to pieces of scrap paper.

Corrections, re-writes, additions and frequent checking continue until it seems OK.

Then Hilary receives the draft copy to decipher it, and to type it up on the computer.

Further proof reading takes place.

When everything has been formatted on the computer, it is ready for launching onto the website.

If Hilary gets a nod from her computer-illiterate husband, the launching button is pressed.

WHOOSH … It’s gone!!

At this point I acknowledge that I have to walk by faith and not by sight: something we are all doing many times a day whether we realise it or not.

One of my frustrations is that I don’t know how many (if any) people will access the latest contribution to Out of the Mould! What had to be written is out there somewhere, but there appears to be no way to know how many will be reached by it, and when – past, present or future.

So I have to calm down, and begin to prepare for the next launch.

I should say again that I do not write blogs. I consider it a horrible word! It sounds like a derogatory word reminding me of bogs, or something similar. Don’t get bogged down in the latest round of blogs!

Anyway, the WHOOSH … IT’S GONE should mean that targets will be hit. And lifestyles will be enriched, and convictions will translate into action.

The next whoosh won’t be far away just in case you’re interested.

But maybe while you’re waiting for this process to be repeated, you could refresh your memories with writings already on the website. For example:

A Faith-full Invitation”,

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Facts Many People Prefer to Ignore

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There are quite a few more on which to reflect.