“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Peace and Pieces... YOU? US?

Peace and Pieces... YOU? US?

For readers who are fans of “Out of the Mould” you are excused if you have been thinking that Pete’s Ponderings have petered out!

Yes it is quite a long time since the last contribution appeared, but there has been a lot for us to think about.

“Out of the Mould” contains a lot of food for thought without replicating it by shuffling words around.

So what has occupied us during the intervening period?

Well if could be summed up by identifying two categories:

lifestyle, and


The RRMT still has a vital function to fulfil but what is the best way to continue doing this? Are we entering a new phase? One thing is for sure. It will involve people – their needs, their convictions, their commitment and more than likely, their willingness to be “different” and the costs associated with that.

We are all unique individuals.

The way we express that uniqueness and individuality will vary.

Because of what I am going to say, I will do what I did in the last chapter of “From One Prick to Another.” (Chapter 88, beginning on page 510.)

There is an opt-out point for those readers who wish to go no further, either in the book itself, or the PDF on the computer.

The reason for this “warning” is that I will be referring to personal convictions which some people will be comfortable with, and other’s won’t. For example, words like God, Lord, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and faith may be used as I explain lifestyle issues confronting us.

The unedited original version of “The Great Divide” is an allegory written from a “Christian” perspective.

It contains the “dreams” and visions for Hilary’s and my involvement in the RRMT.

Obviously how we live each day is influenced by a number of variables which relate to other people and their circumstances, as well as all the research Hilary does, all the e-mails that have to be dealt with and the practicalities of our own “private” lives.

For years now, we have been increasingly aware of at least two “needs”.

(1) Flexibility in achieving the how, when, what, who and whys of each day, and

(2) More people of like mind, who are committed to similar goals. Perhaps another way of describing this, is those who are sure they “have a calling” to do whatever.

This “calling” can come from God, the Lord Jesus Christ; it may manifest itself by promptings and leadings of the Holy Spirit. More than likely it will begin to cause a stirring, or restlessness in lifestyle and priority areas of daily living. It will produce a lack of peace of mind. I am sure that sooner or later, if you really mean business, a thought will begin to nag in the mind, “we can’t do this on our own, but with others, we could!”

The RRMT has a range of resources and facilities that could be available to others, especially if this is part of God’s plan and purposes. Just think about the implications if He draws people together to make things happen.

Consider this extract from “The Great Divide”

* * * 79 * * *

As Robbin de Light had often said to officials within the echelons of power that “wield their big sticks” and try to call the shots, the Called-out Ones seemed to have the ability to disappear, only to reappear, at will – difficult to swat when you wanted to, but always an irritant for which all the scratching in the world, could never provide lasting relief.

It was Stan, who when talking to Wyn and Aroha Wright on one occasion about the freedom his mobile lifestyle gave him, had been tickled pink when he had read in his Traveller’s Guide about Philip. “You know this bloke had been having a great time talking to people about Jesus and casting out evil spirits and seeing miracles happen, and the sick being made healthy again – you know, great stuff! But blow me down, an angel told him to go off to a desert place so he could talk to this one fella in a chariot. Boy oh boy, that was some special meeting. And you know what? He decided to believe in Jesus. This African guy! And he saw some water by the side of the road and he got Philip to baptize him. Great, eh. But listen my friends, straight after that …. Whoosh … Philip was carted off somewhere else. Just like that! Special transport. You know, Spirit of the Lord Bus Company. That’s the way I want it to be – transported to wherever I’m going, so as to be most use for the Lord. I’ll probably go in me house truck mind. The same with you and your motor home. It’s great, eh!”

And that’s the way it had become. Along with the modes of transport, were the properties where they could park up and stay for however long it would be before they would be needed somewhere else. As Aroha and Wyn thought back to their early days at Heaven’s Tableland, and the affection they had for Stan, they were walking hand in hand along the waterfront at Lulling Sounds. Mai and Donna were staying at their place in Orlsrite whilst the Wrights kept an eye on the Zopend’s property, but as always, looking for opportunities to find another Stan, or another Eccles, or more D.Cypels, or other Farmers or ….?!

And if you haven’t read “The Great Divide”, or would like a copy of your own, to keep, please let us know – ask and you shall receive!!!

Relationship and lifestyles is a big subject especially when it involves the Lord Jesus Christ. It is very personal and can be quite mind-boggling because so often it involves the miraculous and the unexplainable. You have to know the Lord in a life-changing way for this to make sense. So if this sort of stuff turns you off, now’s the time to stop reading.

If the Living Lord has things to say to us then we need to be constantly in touch with Him so that we can discern His voice.

The sobering bit though is “obedience” – not because to have to, but because we want to do whatever that calling happens to be.

There are things burning inside me that He has been saying over many months – even years. Read “The Great Divide”, and see if the same things happen to you. Maybe they are similar to what He is saying to others. The Lord knows who needs to be brought together before the picture becomes clearer. What could be combined and offered for Him to use?

The “fine print” details are not important – yet! In fact they may not be very clear at all.

And if reading all this is nonsense, O.K. – forget it!

But if you sense this is the leading of the Holy Spirit – something that keeps tugging at you, and won’t let go – then let’s share what He is saying and find out if there is common ground.

You WILL KNOW if you should do something about these “strange” suggestions – definitely out of the mould!

Let’s make sure that we don’t drown out His promptings with our own ideas (and excuses) of how things could or should happen.

Read between the lines. Pull out all the “pieces” and start re-arranging them.

What exciting picture will emerge? That sense of expectancy challenges me every morning.

....... “Perhaps today….”.

A “piece” placed in the right place will make all the difference.