“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2


WARNING: Contents may offend.

In one way or another, you have probably heard of “The Great Divide”!

A description appears on the back cover of the book, as follow:

In our second book, “From One Prick to Another” Chapter 1, pages 13 – 14, I explain that FOPTA contains quite a heavily edited version of “The Great Divide”. This was done so as not only to accommodate a book within a book, but also to keep the “vaccination theme” more focused. Strange though it may sound, the most important segments are left out.

For those who have “read between the lines” of what I have written in JALP and FOPTA and in “Out of the Mould”, the reason for this may have filtered through. The web site name of “Beyond Conformity” identifies the whole-of-life completeness of a lifestyle which is so important and so essentially meaningful. Putting each system into its own separate box, invites inconsistency, double-standards and the likelihood of confused thinking when faced with making decisions.

The Great Divide”, being allegorical, touches on a wide range of lifestyle issues, which will determine whether we are “conformed ones” or “different ones”. In moulds, or out of them.

I have had quite a bit to say about voices , choices and consequences. It highlights why the freedoms of our “rights”, especially “speech” and choices, are absolutely essential. We must do all we can to make sure we’re not robbed of them. Included will be our individual, personal beliefs. Consequently this is why the Great Divide will always exist so long as we dwell in this present world.

I respect other people’s convictions.

I hope they will respect mine.

Why do people log on to this website? (Or any other for that matter?)

Reasons and motives will vary, but generally speaking, it’s because they “want” something. And in practical terms, that means HILARY and her DESK!! The RRMT exists for continuing research related to various medical issues using material which comes out of the medical system. Remember the importance of this fact, because so often this system seems unaware that such information exists. The frequent inability or willingness to make what would seem to be logical conclusions suggests that medical mindsets have ‘inbuilt immune responses’ that produce selective features.

Whatever certain people, organizations and vested interests may think or say, it pays to take very seriously, what comes from “Hilary’s Desk”.

However, what about that which comes from “Out of the Mould”?!

The purpose of this segment of the website is clearly stated. See “Getting to Know Peter”, “What to expect from Pete’s Ponderings” and other contributions including JALP and FOPTA e.g., JALP’s “From a Different Perspective”.

I am not another Hilary, and cannot match her expertise. However, from a fairly long lifetime of experiences, I too have acquired a number of skills and convictions which hopefully can supplement and complement Hilary’s.

Like all of life’s issues they have a spiritual basis as the last chapter in FOPTA seeks to show.

For ME this provides an essential foundation to deal with voices, choices and consequences.

A meaningful relationship with a personal Creator, Saviour and sustaining all-sufficient God who came to earth in the flesh so as to experience all the things to which we as humans can be exposed, is possible as a gift, to those who are prepared to accept it.

So although vaccination issues (and every other lifestyle issue represented by the systems of this world) are important, they also divide.

For ME, how do I sum up my top priority which cannot be compromised?

I have spent hours thinking about it, and in a sense it seems impossible to resolve adequately.

So for want of a better word (for the time being at least) I have chosen “ETERNITY”.

Do I believe in life after death?

Do I believe in everlasting life?


Having given such an unequivocal answer, I will follow it with another question:

Do I believe that there are all sorts of fishhooks that come with such a statement?


But for me the “problems”, so often used for excuses, can be overcome. They are not God’s fault. It is the reality of “The Great Divide” – the systems of this world and the mindset mountains that keep people captive in the moulds of conformity. For example the theology and doctrines of churchianity!

How can anyone walk by faith and not by sight?

There’s a little song which says in part,

“Faith is just believing what God says He can do”. This simple, almost childish statement really puts it in a nutshell. Trouble arises when all sorts of voices want to help improve on what must be so obviously deficient! We are foolish if we try to manipulate the Creator who gives us the power to live, to move and to be the marvellously complex unique individuals that we are.

Hilary can help with questions and requests for help, but they deal with the now – how to handle various situations and circumstances that are very real concerns now. The deep, longer term issues that fall between birth and death, have their roots in eternity. Our eternal destiny should never be far from our minds.

When a personal relationship is established with God, it is possible to declare with assurance that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Death is only a temporary separation from other loved ones who also know the joy of a similar relationship. To help people enter into the reality of knowing these things for themselves, must surely be one of the highest priorities of daily living. It certainly is for me, and undergirds the work Hilary does.

From a Different Perspective” in JALP (Chapter 79) mentions the need to handle the “what ifs” of daily living. When things that are not welcome, come along. When a choice or decision turns out to be a “wrong” one. When the consequences can’t be shrugged off as being trivial. When the impact on oneself or on family may be life threatening and life changing. When tears flow – not just once, but frequently. When the bottom seems to have dropped out of all that was planned or hoped for. What then? Surely God and eternity still needs to be number-one priority.

“The Great Divide” is not an instruction manual to tell the reader what to do! Those “most important things missing” from FOPTA are there to be discovered by frequent reading and rereading which will wash them to the surface – one of the beauties of allegory. There will always be new rewards to be won!

So to all prospective gold prospectors, you are welcome to a complete copy of “The Great Divide” without any missing important bits. You can feast on Heaven’s Tableland and have a foretaste of glory. As you walk the trails of Mindset Mountains, the Peak of Perfection will never be far away.

There’s just so much more that could be said.

Does a Great Divide exist between Hilary’s Desk and Out of the Mould? Are “finite time” and “infinite eternity” compatible? Those questions must be decided by our readers. One thing is for sure:

Voices, choices and consequences will not go away, no matter how much we try to ignore them.

Meanwhile my convictions are there to help hungry, seeking people whenever the opportunities arise.
But for how long with those opportunities be there?

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